Memorable and Affordable Ideas for a Great Christmas Season

Christmas is the best time of year for many people, and it is a time for family members and friends to gather together for good times, good food and of course lots of good presents. While many of us like to splurge on luxury goods at holiday time, it is possible to create some lasting Christmas memories without breaking the bank. The best Christmas presents are not always the most expensive ones, and in fact some of the most memorable presents are often the most affordable as well.

In fact, some of the most special and memorable holiday gifts are special food items, created and given with love. Simply baking a dozen of your favorite Christmas cookies can provide a wonderful gift for the loved ones on your list. You may want to include a special family recipe with your cookies, so that those special friends and family members can create their own special gifts whenever they want.

One of the best food based gifts to give or get is a mason jar filled with the dry ingredients needed for your favorite cookie recipe. Add flour, sugar and other dry ingredients to the jar, seal it well, and top it with an attractive bow. Then attach a colorful copy of your favorite cookie recipe and fasten it securely to the jar. This simple and inexpensive gift makes a great choice for teacher gifts, gifts for colleagues and contacts at work, and those last minute presents for relatives and friends who drop by unexpectedly.

Homemade candles can make great gifts as well, and you can use those same mason jars to create some colorful and beautiful candles for family members, friends and coworkers. Melting different colors of wax can create some interesting and unique patterns, making each gift a special work of art.

Other types of arts and crafts can also make wonderful and memorable gifts for those on your holiday list. The type of gift you choose will depend on your own skills and interests. For instance, if you love to paint or sketch, why not create a special portrait for family members and friends?

Special personalized gifts are always a big hit at holiday time as well, and these personalized items can be quite inexpensive to create. Simply purchasing a number of different items, such as mugs, wine glasses, candles or picture frames, from your favorite store, and using your on creativity to personalize each item for family members and friends, can yield some truly memorable gifts for those you love. There is nothing quite as memorable as receiving a gift that was made just for you, and with a little bit of creativity creating such a gift is possible, no matter how small your holiday budget.

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