Make Your Own Gift Baskets, Creative Gift Basket Ideas You'll Love, Fun Gifts To Make and Give

Any gift basket containing gifts is, well, nice—but why not punch up the excitement factor of your gift collection with some creativity and pizzazz. The following article is full of ideas for giving the perfect gift "baskets" to family and friends for various special occasions.

It’s an old idea that deserves a return to fashion—a bridal bouquet comprised of colorful sewing supplies like thread, embroidery thread, pin cushions, ribbons, etc…Even if your bride-to-be is not known to be a seamstress, this creative gift is more than a novelty. Anyone needs a needle and thread from time to time. If, however, she can’t sew a stitch, offer her a bouquet of pretty toiletries—small scented soaps, sachets, small containers of bubble bath etc…

Or, go with her wedding’s color theme or that stick to "something blue" and fill a blue container or basket with all sorts of blue trinkets: hand mirror, picture frame, wedding album, sachets, scarf, pin, dishes, etc…

A great gift for a first time apartment renter is to stuff a basic kitchen garbage can with cleaning supplies—the kind of useful stuff no one wants to buy, but will most certainly need. You might even decorate the can to match their d├ęcor. Fill with cleaning agents, sponges, dishtowels, soaps, sprays, scented candles, bristles, brushes—all the necessities to make for a clean place to live!

Another great housewarming gift basket idea is to fill a large planter with seed packets, garden gloves, small watering can, gardening/landscaping guide, sun hat, gift certificate, small plant, etc…

For the baker in the family, why not fill a huge dish drainer with some new muffin pans, recipe book, cookie cutters, decorative baking tins, a few sweets, etc…The dish drainer also makes a great hub for a glass collector filled with vintage glassware you’ve been collecting for them as well as antique painted dishes, etc…

Sending a sweetie off to college? Purchase a college-size backpack and load it up with: toothbrush, toothpaste, pens, notebooks, journal, photo frame, disposable camera, treats, gift certificates to McDonalds or Starbucks, pocket dictionary, socks, and anything else that will fit and be a pleasant reminder of home for your college bound kid. An alternative is a hamper filled with all the supplies they’ll need to do their own laundry while away!

Most men appreciate tools, so why not give a toolbox filled with handy gadgets, tools, and things for around the house like nails, picture hooks, various hardware items, etc…and a gift certificate tucked somewhere inside for something from his favorite store will be a nice touch!

Buying for a guy that has it all? Get a hold of the biggest styrofoam cooler you can find and fill it with all the goodies he loves to munch on. Have a friend with champagne tastes? Fill a picnic basket with a great bottle of sparkling cider and small samples of tasty gourmet foods.

Another idea for the hard-to-buy-for is to find out their home town, home state or where they attended college and fill it with items pertaining to the place: sweatshirt, t-shirt, keychain, cup warmer, buttons, bumper sticker, book, throw, commemorative items, etc…

For the intellectual in the family, simply cover a cardboard box with some classical paper or prints of old maps and furnish with thoughtful items like a leather journal, a designer pen, tickets to a play in town, a magnifying glass, a special paperweight, some novel bookends, a magazine subscription and some books they may want to read.

If you need something special for a little princess, consider filling an old jewelry box to the brim with jewelry you accumulate from yard sales and thrift stores. If she loves to play dress up, strands of faux pearls, dangling bracelets and rhinestone pins will be greatly appreciated.

When it comes to furnishing your gift pantry with items, pick up medium-sized baskets whenever you can find them on clearance. They can be enhanced and decorated for any occasion. Add some red and green velvet to the handle and fill a basket with some lovely glass ornaments, a holiday cd and a small bottle of sparkling cider and you’ve got a great gift for any hostess as you make the holiday rounds. Antique teacups and saucers along with an infuser and some lovely herbal teas can easily fit into a small basket making for a very sweet remembrance.

Packaging plays a major role in the creativity of your gift basket. Always be on the prowl for wood boxes you can make over, papers, ribbons or other items that can easily be stored until needed.

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