Great Ideas for Holiday Gift Baskets

pc-season-cookie-boxHoliday gift baskets have long been a favorite to give and to get, but many of the commercially produced gift baskets lack creativity, imagination and style. In order to create a truly unique and interesting gift basket it is important to know a little bit about the recipient, and to plan accordingly.

There are many recipients for whom gift baskets are the perfect choice, including office associates, business colleagues and customers. These gift baskets are perfect as corporate gifts as well, and many companies provide their employees with colorful and fun gift baskets as a way of thanking them for their service throughout the year.

While corporate gift baskets and gift baskets provided to business associates may all be the same, often consisting of bottles of wine, cheese, cookies, crackers, chocolates or other foods, when it comes to family and friends you may want to put your own unique and personal spin on the gift basket by creating baskets they will find charming, different, and useful. Consider these ideas for some truly unique holiday gift baskets:

The Golf Lover’s Basket – A large basket filled with golf balls, personalized tees, golf club covers, and other items. You may also want to include a book of golf tips or a gift certificate for greens fees at a local golf course.

The Travel Basket – The travel enthusiast on your list may enjoy a basket filled with travel essentials. Some of the items you may want to include are neck pillows, travel wallets, passport holders and travel guides. You may want to include a gift certificate for travel services or frequent flier miles as well.

The Chocolate Lover’s Basket – Just about everyone loves chocolate, and creating a gift filled with gourmet chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge ice cream toppings and packets of hot chocolate is sure to be appreciated by those chocolate lovers on your list. You may want to include a couple of your favorite chocolate rich recipes as well.

The Pet Basket – The pet lovers on your list are sure to enjoy a basket filled with lots of pet friendly goodies. Among the items you can include in this special basket are dog and cat toys, special treats, gourmet dog biscuits and catnip. In lieu of a basket, you can package it all in a fluffy cat or dog bed. You may want to include a gift certificate for the local pet store, or a contribution to the local animal shelter in the recipient’s name, as well.

These gift basket ideas are of course only a few of the many items that can be used to create the perfect gift baskets. After you have all these great items assembled in an attractive basket, all you need to do is wrap it all in some red or green cellophane, tie it up with a big bow, and give it a place of honor under the Christmas tree.

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