Farewell Gift Ideas, Retirement Gift Ideas, Going Away Gifts that Say Goodbye

bb-classic-antique-truckA farewell or parting gift is a parting tradition, a gift given during parting. There are various traditions which involve parting gifts. For example a retirement gift can be given when someone retires from a job or position, leaves a town or city.

A bon voyage gift is given to those going on a vacation. For women a desired going away gift would be a gift basket filled with relaxing bath and body gifts. A retirement gift idea can be a hobby related theme gift basket such as a golf or fishing gift basket. A parting gift is a major rule in xenia, the Ancient Greek concept of hospitality. The parting gift from host to guest was to show the host's honor at receiving the guest.

In Japan, gift exchange is a time-honored and elaborate tradition. Forms of gift presenation (type of wrapping or selection of an envelope) depend on the type of the gift. In Japan the farewell gift is called o-hana-muke (hanamuke).

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