Wedding Shower Planning, Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

A happy couple you know is getting married and it’s up to you to come up with some wedding shower ideas. Don’t panic, it’s not that hard! The first thing to consider is what type of shower will it be? Do you want to host the same old traditional wedding shower, or do you want an event that will be remembered as the shower of the year?

Traditional wedding showers with traditional wedding shower ideas are nice. Everyone has them. You send pretty invitations, guest bring traditional wedding gifts and you play games like scrambled words and the memory game. Then you eat cake and go home.

Why not plan a theme shower that will be the talk of the town for weeks to come! In fact, wedding showers don’t have to be just for females anymore. Jack and Jill showers are coed and include everyone. These wedding showers are casual and can be held in the afternoon as a barbeque, or in the evening as a cocktail party.

Themes can be incorporated such as A Honeymoon Party, where guests bring gifts related to travel and decorations represent the couples’ destination for their honeymoon. A Barbecue theme may include gifts such as outdoor cooking accessories and so on.

If you want to keep it girls only, there are still dozens of wedding shower ideas that are fun and exciting. How about a spa & beauty shower theme? Candles, bath products and lotions are great gift ideas for this theme. One popular game for this type of shower is smell the herbs. Place 10 different types of herbs in 10 different Styrofoam cups. Cover each cup with aluminum foil and poke a small hole in the middle of the foil. Pass the cups around and let each guest smell the herbs. Whoever guesses the most wins. A small scented candle makes a great prize. A similar game is played with scented candles.

Another fun wedding shower idea is a Japanese Tea Bridal Shower. Invitations may be decorated with Japanese letters or brush paintings. Decorate the room with dragons and Buddha’s. Red and black decorations should be incorporated. Light incense and play Asian music to set the mood. If you are really into the theme you may serve Sushi, but have an alternate dish also. Green tea is also on the menu. Japanese teacups make a great shower favor. Gift ideas include exotic teas, China, candles and holders and Oriental music as well as Zen items.

Whatever direction you decide to go, traditional or theme, planning is key to your success. Don’t wait until the last minute. First decide your budget. Next organize your guest list and allow enough time for guests to receive invitations and RSVP if necessary. A wedding shower is normally held about 8 weeks before the wedding.

If you are having a theme shower you may want to match the location to the theme. If that is not possible, decorations and music may be used to set the mood. Every wedding shower has a least one game to break the ice, and prizes are a must.

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