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Buying the Perfect Gift for Your Work-Out Buddies

un-a-deluxe-spa-gift-setBuying gifts for your work-out buddies can be tricky. While you may spend a lot of time together, your conversations tend to revolve around exercise and diet and whatever you can chat about between sets.

So how do you go about choosing a thoughtful gift?

First, review your last few workouts and consider your conversations and routines. Think in details. Is anyone habitually rushed? Or discouraged? Perhaps someone is using hand-me downs that aren't exactly right for the job? Any of these small nuggets of information can help you can choose a perfect gift for your friends.

For example, you can look for a gift that improves her work-out in a small way. Gadgets or accessories, like an upgraded pedometer, designer sweat bands, or a unique water bottle, are gifts that she might not buy for herself but you know she'd appreciate using.

If one of your work-out buddies has plateaued with her weight loss or put on a few unwanted pounds, you might try a funny or inspiration gift. Daily calendars and desk plaques with humourous and inspiring messages can add a touch of encouragement that could help motivate her to the next work-out.

Another idea is to consider what goes on after the work-out. If you know one of your buddies has to rush to the showers the minute she is through, you could gather a goodie bag of bath and body products.  A "to-go" bag filled with scented shower creme, a bath sponge and body
lotion would be considerate way to help her get out of the gym feeling refreshed and pretty.

So the next time you are working out - look for the details.

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