Father's Day, A Tribute To Fathers, Origin of Father's Day, Unique Gift Ideas For Dad, Father & Grandpa

fathers-day-gift-baskets-gifts-onlineHave you thought about what you are going to do to pay tribute to your father this coming Father's Day? Perhaps there is someone in your life who is not your biological father and yet, they are a father figure to you. Either way, you may want to share the following story with those you love for the coming tribute to fathers everywhere.

Did you know that Father's Day began in 1909? That's right. Mrs. John B. Dodd of Washington thought up the idea as a unique way to honor her father, William Smart. Mr. Smart was a Civil War veteran. He was widowed when his wife died during the birth of their sixth child. Being left to raise the newborn and five other children by himself on a rural farm, William Smart did a great job of showing the love of a father to his children.

It was when Mrs. Dodd was an adult that she realized just how much her father had done as a single father. To honor him, she began her first official Father's Day. Interestingly, at about the same time in other areas of the country other folks were getting precisely the same idea about their fathers. Goes to show you when one person has a great idea others may be thinking the same great idea at the same time.

In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge endorsed the idea of a national Father's Day. In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day.

And that's how Father's Day began! Patricia Twitchell is the proprietor of Just Bears and Stuff. Visit her at www.justbearandstuff.com.

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  • Unique Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

    ROMANTIC GIFTSEverything about weddings tends to be special from the floral arrangements to the selection of the banquet facilities to the choice of a honeymoon to the wedding menu itself. The bride and groom are celebrating their love for each other and each of the guests have been invited to share in this very special occasion. Wouldn’t a unique and entirely unusual gift be just a bit desirable as well?  Help them with wedding planning the web.

    Of course it would, but today, just about everything has been thought of and given as a wedding gift. However, a few things still exist that haven’t become common or ordinary gifts for the bride and groom. A few of these are listed below. Even if some of the choices do not appeal to you, some of them might. Additionally, you can always put your own spin on the gift ideas. For example, every bride wants to know how to look great on their wedding day  and information on the latest wedding hairstyles.

    Plan a night of romance and remembrance for the bride and groom. Locate a restaurant that can duplicate the wedding menu for dinner. This shouldn’t be too difficult due to the sheer abundance of fine dining establishments. Talk to the owner of the restaurant about personalizing the gift certificate to include the prearranged meal. Include a bottle of the same champagne that is used in the wedding toast. If possible, be secretive about the actual details of the planned dinner on the gift certificate so that everything is a big surprise for the couple.

    Use details you’ve gleaned from your relationship with the couple to create a scrapbook detailing their life together to date. Ask other friends and family for input or additional photographs, etc. Leave several blank pages at the end of the book so the happy couple can continue the scrapbook on their own.

    If you have literary talent in your blood, write a short story that tells the story of romance surrounding the bride and groom. Have someone illustrate the book and get it professionally bound. Be sure to include a personal dedication in the front of the book.  Here's another idea, provide the groom tips on writing love letters.

    Find out the bride and groom’s favorite songs and purchase a collection of CDs of the original artists for each of the songs. Search for magazine or newspaper articles on each of the artists and put together a small booklet.

    Put together a video or DVD using photographs and personal commentary. Again, ask others to contribute to this project. Personalize the container that holds the video or DVD.

    Re-enact the couple’s first date. If this isn’t possible, mimic the details to the best of your ability. Purchase tickets, make reservations, and even throw in some spending money.

    Purchase a yearlong supply of congratulatory gift baskets to be delivered to the couple’s home once a month. Arrange to incorporate a different theme for each basket. For example, send the couple a holiday themed gift basket for each month that includes one such as a Valentine's Day gift  basket in February and a Halloween basket in October. You can arrange to be billed monthly or pay for everything up front.

    Purchase a yearlong membership for two at an area attraction. The list of possibilities is endless- museums, zoos, movie theaters, theatrical venues, and more. This small token of your appreciation guarantees lots of opportunities for the happy couple to get out on an inexpensive date.

    Purchase a yearlong supply of gift certificates that can only be used one month at a time. Again, this provides the couple with an opportunity to get out on an inexpensive date once a month. Plus, you can vary the restaurants that the gift certificates are good at. Either stick with the tried and true favorites of the bride and groom or include restaurants that might be out of their financial reach.

    Send them a bouquet of roses each month.  Purchase a weekend getaway at a resort for several months from the date of the wedding. Check with family members to see if the date you select will be good. Alternatively, you can arrange with the resort that you select for some flexibility with the details. How nice for the happy couple to get a second honeymoon, even if it is a shorter one.

    If the bride and groom have purchased a home, send them a housewarming gift basket .  Send them ideas about decorating a home with baskets.    If there are no regulations exist against in their neighborhood, purchase an ornamental tree of high quality. You can arrange to have the actual tree delivered after they return from their honeymoon. This will be a constant reminder of the growing love the two of them share.

    Although any wedding gift is certainly appreciated by brides and grooms the world over, a wedding gift that goes the extra mile in thoughtfulness is certainly going to create a memorable impact. Use a little imagination to modify the ideas listed above to create an even more personalized version of your own to create the wow factor in the gift you choose to give to the bride and groom.

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    Picture Perfect Gifts and Gift Baskets

    Photographs are among many people’s most treasured possessions. Gifts that offer special pictures are especially revered by recipients. The following text provides an array of gift ideas for giving photographs and photo accessories.

    Pictures may say a thousand words, but for many women, jewelry says it all! By combining both, you may have a seriously great gift on your hands. Charm bracelets that sport mini picture frames make for a wonderfully novel gift. Look for examples in sterling silver or gold. Styles can be anything from Victorian to contemporary.

    For a classic gift of jewelry, however, consider a personalized locket. From a new design to a classic one, have your locket engraved for someone special. This can be a romantic gift or a great gift for a mother or grandmother.

    A basket of picture frames is a great gift for a new bride or mother-to-be. Consider their personal taste or style of décor before choosing your frame collection. Simple black frames in several sizes makes a simple yet elegant offering. Yet, an eclectic mix of photo frames appears more personal, and for the right person, just as elegant!

    Some crafters might want to go the extra mile with their gift of a photo frame by adding some custom artwork to a simple wood frame. Cover the frame with a cushion of velvet or add a border of dice and poker chips for your favorite gambler. These personalized offerings can transform an inexpensive item into a memorable gift.

    Scrapbookers might want to consider making a mini-scrapbook for a friend filled with some great pictures of past adventures together. Scrapbook pages may seem a bit unorthodox, but their unique ability to personalize often means more than other kinds of gifts.

    Old photographs often linger in drawers, but this can be the makings of a great gift for various members of the family who may not have access to the drawer of old pictures. For instance, consider giving framed copies of Great Grandfather in his naval uniform or your grandmother’s baby picture in vintage frames to all the girls in the family. Keep in mind, pictures might also show the old family homestead or a beloved family pet.

    A specialty picture frame make a great gift in itself. A small frame covered with rhinestones looks beautiful on a dresser or nightstand. A lovely carved frame might be composed of a rare exotic wood making for an extraordinary offering. If a wedding gift is needed, consider a large table-top frame made from fine crystal.

    Of course, frames are not the only place to display photos. Many objects like trinket boxes also sport framed areas for photo inclusion. With paint, adhesive and lacquer, you can convert any object into a place to show off decoupaged photographs—old trunks, jewel chests, plaques, etc…

    Another picture perfect idea is to allow an artist to render a favorite family photograph into a work of art. Water colors or oil paintings are perfect for the family room or a formal living room. Another great gift option might be to give a family a gift certificate to have their portrait taken by a professional photographer.

    Disposable cameras and camera accessories make terrific gifts also. A basket filled with disposable cameras is a wonderful bridal shower gift as they may be used by wedding reception guests. It has all the makings of a gift of memories.

    Because pictures are so universally beloved, giving the gift of photographs is sure to please anyone on your gift list, both young and old, male or female alike!

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    Gifting Outside the Box: Unconventional Gift Ideas

    a-picnic-cooler-on-wheelThe bridal shower blender, the baby shower sleepers, the boring birthday tie—giving these and similar such gifts is fine and certainly will be appreciated, but sometimes a certain person just calls for a gift with more pizzazz. The following gift ideas will inspire you and your recipient with their unusual nature making for a gift experience far more memorable and exciting.

    Considering that baby shower gift, make your offering something as practical as clothing but with more stylish flair. The gift of a quilted kimono for a little girl is a sweet fashion statement you can offer in an Oriental food container (previously unused, of course). For a boy, an Oriental robe will be the perfect accompaniment for anyone’s little emperor.

    A time capsule makes a fun birthday gift. Know someone born in the fifties? Fill their basket with vintage items from that era. With the online shopping and auction sites out there, you can find vintage baseball cards, dolls, clothing, books—even candy (some sites specialize in old candy—still fresh but sold in hard to find places)!

    Of course, vintage gifts are always a unique alternative to something brand new. Check out online auction sites for vintage celluloid ring boxes, book, music box, artwork, handbag, furniture, etc…

    Clocks are not the most inspired of gifts, but giving a clock with a specially designed face can be great fun. From Betty Boop to Mickey Mouse, clocks can be found to suit children’s rooms, kitchens, dens—any room of the house. Consider your recipients décor and choose accordingly.

    Sometimes a practical gift like a set of towels can be given added charm simply by having them monogrammed. Monograms personalize the gifts and bring them up to a more sophisticated level. Everything from dishes to handkerchiefs can be given a monogram. Even golf balls!

    Giving a gift to someone at the office can be tricky. While there’s always the gift of a fine pen, consider something less usual like a designer glass paperweight or a personalized mug in a basket filled with a large sampling of teas.

    The gift of a book may not seem extraordinary, but a book bag filled with books you’ve collected for them can be a thoughtful assortment. If they enjoy cooking, fill your bag with unique titles like The Truckstop Cookbook or the Exboyfriend Cookbook. If they prefer fine literature, amass some fine leather editions or vintage editions of their favorite classics.

    Gifts that befit a person’s heritage or nationality will also be considered very thoughtful. From an Eiffel Tower candleholder to a London Bridge photo frame, these landmark items make an ordinary item into something quite unique. Consider an Egyptian chess set, an Irish woolen sweater, Russian nesting dolls, Venetian glass vase, an English china teapot, a Chinese lacquer jewel chest, a Peruvian poncho, a Japanese sake set and so forth.

    Other out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas include: perfume bottle, table top fountain, personalized stationary, museum passes, day spa passes, gourmet food basket, exotic plant, singing bowls, aromatherapy baskets, beverage chiller (with USB cable), gemstone family tree, photo quilt, cashmere throw, herbal wreath, and so much more. Use your imagination to transform an ordinary gift into something both useful and unique.

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