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Themed Gift Baskets and Gifts Have More Punch

gourmet-food-gift-basketsThemed Gifts Have More Punch - Throughout the year, we all have gift giving occasions arise. Weddings, babies, graduations, birthdays, holidays—it’s enough to tax the brain of even the most creative gift giver. Here are some great options for creative gifts.

My favorite gift ideas, by far, center on a theme. Don’t search your friend’s registry for a plain ol’ cookie sheet. Make the item part of a entire theme gift.

Wedding Gifts or Housing Warming Gifts - A Bakery Basket—cookie sheet or muffin tin (from registry list), a couple of different sized spatulas, a couple of oven mitts or pot holders, a pre-packaged assortment of cookies and muffins, and/or baking powder, baking soda, spices. Arrange the items in a nice basket that can also be used throughout a new home.

Brunch Basket — choose a couple of linen napkins (from a registry list), a couple of coffee or tea mugs (possible from registry list), a couple of gourmet packages of biscuit or bread mix, a couple of gourmet jellies, assorted teas or coffees. Tuck everything into a breadbasket.

Basket of Romance — choose from a registry list two wine glasses and two candlesticks. Fill in with candles, bottle of wine or sparkling cider, and gourmet sausage, cheese, and crackers.

Baby Shower Gifts - Boo-Boo Basket tuck in all the needed supplies for each of the common baby ailments. A soft, soothing blanket, a cool summer top, diaper rash cream, teething gel, pain reliever, oral electrolyte juice, lotion, snuggle toy, chocolate kisses.

New Mom Pamper Present — find a variety of pampering gifts for the new mom like a great magazine or book, a bath pillow, new slippers, lotions, healthy snacks, etc.

Hungry Tummy Basket — Fill a basket to the brim with assorted jars of baby food and juices. Add a couple of feeding bowls, spoons, and bibs.

Bedtime Gift Basket — Think good night’s sleep as you shop for this one. Try filling the basket with a bedtime story, bedtime music, a special blanket, a soft stuffed animal, and even some soothing bedtime lotion.

Graduation Gifts - College Collection For the high school graduate on their way to college, stuff a waste paper basket with dorm needs. Toiletry supplies like toothpaste, washcloths, towel, soap, work well. Or, fill a storage tub with bedding like sheets, blanket, pillows, and pillowcases.

Gift Certificate Tree — Here’s a different spin on the money tree. College students are always in the need of a meal since classes and work schedules don’t always jive with school cafeteria hours. Load a money tree with $5.00 gift certificates to all the restaurants near campus. Your favorite college student will thank you.

Summer Trip Gift — Many graduates go on a summer trip to commemorate their success. Parents often pay for the accommodations, but so much more goes into preparing for a trip. Graduates headed to a beach or resort would use a beach bad filled with supplies—beach towel, lotions, a good book, great music. Or, try a beach cooler filled with drinks and snacks ready to ice down.

Another variation of this might be to purchase a piece of nice luggage and fill with trip supplies or a gift certificate to a favorite clothing store to buy clothes for the excursion.

People appreciate theme gifts. They show the honoree that real time and thought went into the present, and all the items will be useful. Themed baskets are also great for a group or team of people to give. Have fun putting your next special gift together for that special someone.

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