Free Ground Shipping at Adorable Gift Baskets, - Benefits You Can't Afford to Miss

free-shipping-gift-baskets-giftsShopping online for gift baskets and other novel gifts has become very popular in recent years. Many online companies offer quality gift baskets and gifts at prices similar to those in specialty and department stores. However, one major drawback to shopping online has always been paying the shipping fees. Shipping charges can add as much as 20% to 40% to the cost of an item!

Fortunately, Adorable Gift Baskets is now offering free ground shipping with most of our gift baskets when your gift doesn't have to be rushed to its destination. As our customer, you'll enjoy several benefits, in addition to free ground shipping, when choosing Adorable Gift Baskets as outlined below.

Save Money on Every Product

Obviously, the number one benefit of free shipping is you'll save money with every purchase. Without shipping charges, you can purchase an item online and pay no more than the purchase price. The item is delivered to an address of choice at no charge. It's convenient, and you can save as much as $8-10. or more per product on small- to medium-sized gift baskets!

A Variety of Choices

Adorable Gift Baskets is able to offer a greater variety of products because our overhead costs are low. Free shipping makes online shopping even more appealing. For example, you can find the perfect gift basket that is tailor-made for your loved one in just moments online, and the price is around the same as that of a local store. Only, a local store may not offer such a variety of products due to limited space or resources. So with a free shipping offer, you're able to find that very special item easily, without paying extra for shipping and there is no tax in most cases. Shopping online at our online gift basket store makes this possible.

Save Big Time During Holidays

Free shipping for gifts saves you a tremendous amount of time and money around the holidays and special occasions. You can shop without leaving your home, any time of the day, and ship the items to your home or the recipient's home without paying extra for shipping costs and wrapping. Free shipping comes in handy for times like Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings, baby showers, etc. Be sure to order online far in advance near holidays!

Buy Gifts Online When Traveling

Perhaps you're planning a long trip and wish to surprise your parents on their anniversary with a gift basket. Or, perhaps your loved one will be having a baby soon, and you need to send a baby gift basket while away. With a free shipping offer, you can buy an anniversary gift basket online while away and have it shipped directly to your parents' home. You can also take advantage of free shipping, and have a baby gift basket delivered just in time for the shower. You never have to miss another gift giving occasion while traveling!

With these benefits and tips in mind, shopping online at Adorable Gift Baskets is a great way to find specialized gift baskets, presents or gifts without spending a fortune. Click here to shop now!

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