Amazing Gifts In Small Packages, What Is The Number One Gift Idea With Huge Appeal?

amazing-gifts Big does not necessarily mean better when it comes to gift giving. Small gifts carry big appeal when they surprise and delight the recipient.

The following gift ideas might be small in size, but can be very unique and thoughtful ways to mark a remembrance. Use them for a special relative, business acquaintance or friend when the occasion arises and you need a something special to give to someone special.

Small gift? Leave it to a woman to think bath and body gift baskets. Pampering stress relief gifts bath, spa, pampering relaxation bath gifts have always been a favorite gift for a woman. Every woman alive loves to receive rich relaxing body lotions, shower gels, bubble bath, body sprays, bath salts, bath oils, hand creams, luxury scented soap and sensual bath products. Be remembered for being original and thoughtful with your gift for her. Send relaxing gifts to pamper, relax and refresh body and soul!

Trinket boxes and small treasure chests are just beckoning to be opened. From small celluloid ring boxes to small dresser boxes decorated with anything under the sun from rhinestones to seashells—such trinket boxes are always sweet gifts suitable to a wide variety of people. And, since no box should remain empty, consider filling your trinket box with: a vintage handkerchief, hand-written poem, piece of Venetian glass candy, charm, tiny perfume bottle,beaded keychain, decorative pin, painted thimble, small mirror or gourmet chocolates!

Kitchen items can make sweet gifts as well. Egg cups are not widely used these days, but a pair of them (which you hand-paint) or have been purchased from the local antique store can be perfect items for the person who has almost everything. Also, a handsome coffee gift or pretty china teacup and saucer are excellent gifts that appeal to most people in general. Fill with a sample of coffee or tea, candied swizzle sticks, antique teaspoon, tea infuser, special sugars, etc…If you know someone who enjoys baking, consider a few unique cookie cutters wrapped in a decorative hand towel. Interesting or personalized kitchen magnets are also thoughtful touches.

Books may come in small sizes and keeping a collection of gift-books on hand for both adults and children is a nice way to show your appreciation. Cookbooks, picture books or gardening books purchased on clearance racks can be stored easily until you find its recipient. A small antique book of pressed flowers given with that teacup and saucer is a special way of saying you care about someone. Blank journals or diaries also make wonderful gifts that are suitable to a wide variety of people. They can be purchased, or, if you are crafty, consider covering one your self to suit someone special or cover a photo album to give to the prospective mother or bride.

Catering to someone else’s craftiness is also a clever way to acknowledge their talents and interests. For the sewer, grab a basket and load it with ribbons, buttons, fabric scraps and the like that you pick up throughout the year. Scrapbookers will appreciate decorative papers, pens and stickers. Any crafter may benefit from a newly published book on their craft topic filled with jewelry making, quilt or knitting ideas. For men often a new tool wrapped with a ribbon is a nice way to think of them too!

Other small gifts to keep on hand could include decorative fan pulls, homemade stationary, tins (to fill with anything from postcards to cookies), candles, decoupaged eggs, linen sachets, a hand painted tile, lace doilies, embroidered pillowcases, bud vases, glass flowers, colored pencil set, beaded change purse, small garden pot filled with seed packs or bulbs, etc…

Giving gifts is a wonderful and kind way to demonstrate your care of someone special. Be creative and always try to tailor your gift to the special person's interests or taste.

In conclusion, it's no secret that there has never been a gift that's even come close to the popularity and sheer pleasure of giving and receiving a gift basket! Click here to send one now!

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