Best Gifts For Women, Understanding Her Desires

There is but one universal truth about those of the fairer sex:" Women Love Gifts".

So, all women love gifts... a guy doesn't have to be a genius to grasp that concept. Or does he?

Many of the collective complaints about gifts from men to women are that the men often don't remember important dates, don't pay attention to the nuances of a woman's life and don't know what she prefers most or cares for the least.

Most of her best gifts, are not the most expensive or glittery. They are often romantic gifts that are well thought out, affordable, considerate and timely.

Women adore gifts that reflect the love of the giver and his explicit understanding of her desires and tastes without which no self-respecting man would ever set sail on the sea of relationships.

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Comforting Those You Love During Their Darkest Days

fresh-fruit-basket-deliveryAs friends, relatives or others who care, there is nothing more difficult then watching those we care about endure pain—especially the pain that comes from unexpected tragedy. As a society who is untrained in how to help, we may feel confused or unsure of how to best support those we care for. The following guidelines can help you support your loved one during dark times.

Don’t try to find the magic words or formula to eliminate the pain. Nothing can erase or minimize the painful tragedy your friend or loved one is facing. Your primary role at this time is simply to “be there.” Don’t worry about what to say or do, just be a presence that the person can lean on when needed.

Don’t try to minimize or make the person feel better. When we care about someone, we hate to see them in pain. Often we’ll say things like, “I know how you feel,” or “perhaps, it was for the best,” in order to minimize their hurt. While this can work in some instances, it never works with grief.

Help with responsibilities. Even though a life has stopped, life doesn’t. One of the best ways to help is to run errands, prepare food, take care of the kids, do laundry and help with the simplest of maintenance.

Don’t expect the person to reach out to you. Many people say, “call me if there is anything I can do.” At this stage, the person who is grieving will be overwhelmed at the simple thought of picking up a phone. If you are close to this person, simply stop over and begin to help. People need this but don’t think to ask.

Talk through decisions. While working through the grief process many bereaved people report difficulty with decision making. Be a sounding board for your friend or loved one and help them think through decisions.

Don’t be afraid to say the name of the deceased. Those who have lost someone usually speak of them often, and believe it or not, need to hear the deceased’s name and stories. In fact, many grievers welcome this.

Remember that time does not heal all wounds. Your friend or loved one will change because of what has happened. Everyone grieves differently. Some will be “fine” and then experience deep grief a year later, others grieve immediately. There are no timetables, no rules—be patient.

Remind the bereaved to take care of themselves. Eating, resting and self-care are all difficult tasks when besieged by the taxing emotions of grief. You can help by keeping the house stocked with healthy foods that are already prepared or easy-to-prepare. Help with the laundry. Take over some errands so the bereaved can rest. However, do not push the bereaved to do things they may not be ready for. Many grievers say, “I wish they would just follow my lead.” While it may be upsetting to see the bereaved withdrawing from people and activities—it is normal. They will rejoin as they are ready.

Avoid judging. Don’t tell people how to react or handle their emotions. Simply let them know that you will help in any way possible.

Share a Meal. Invite the bereaved over regularly to share a meal or take a meal to their home since meal times can be especially lonely. Consider inviting the bereaved out on important dates like the one-month anniversary of the death, the deceased’s birthday, etc.

Make a list of everything that needs to be done with the bereaved. This could include everything from bill paying to plant watering. Prioritize these by importance. Help the bereaved complete as many tasks as possible. If there are many responsibilities, find one or more additional friends to support you.

Make a personal commitment to help the one grieving get through this. After a death, many friendships change or disintegrate. People don’t know how to relate to the one who is grieving, or they get tired of being around someone who is sad. Vow to see your friend or loved one through this, to be an anchor in their darkest hour.

For more information and help, please visit
by Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D.

Adapted from I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye: surviving, coping and healing after the sudden death of a loved one by Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D. (Champion Press, 2000) ISBN 1-891400-27-4 $14.95 For more information and articles, please visit

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Sympathy Gift Baskets Convey Your Condolences With The Utmost Respect and Elegance

Sympathy gift baskets, fresh fruit, food baskets and comforting gifts are excellent gifts for politely expressing sympathy during times of suffering and loss.

While we may not know what to do or say during these difficult times, sympathy gift baskets convey your condolences easily and with the utmost elegance.

Send a sympathy basket, comforting care package, thinking of you gift box, fruit or food basket.

Sympathy gift baskets can include such gifts as gourmet food, sweets, caramel clusters, chocolate wafers, gourmet cheese, sausage, crackers, fresh baked cookies, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and inspirational booklets with comforting messages.

Of course, during difficult times, your most precious gift to the bereaved is the gift of simply letting them know that you care. During their time of sorrow and sadness this gift alone can make his or her grief more bearable.

Spectacular Summer Gift Ideas, Barbecue, Picnic, Grilling, Sports, Family Fun Summertime Gifts

wc-hot-off-grillFavorite Summertime Gifts - Summer is a spectacular time for gift-giving with its bounty of blooms and outdoor parties and picnics. Whether you are shopping for a summer birthday, wedding or special event, summertime calls for some sizzling seasonal faire. The following article offers some great ideas for gifts with summertime appeal.

While it’s usually commonplace to bring a gift of this or that for your host or hostess, consider a basket full of fresh fruit to bring to the next barbeque or backyard party. If it’s a fourth of July party, consider a decorative tray of fruit designed like the American flag. Fruit can also be a great garnish to other gifts. For example, pair a set of strawberry clad dishes with a bowl of what else? Fresh strawberries!

Plants are another traditional gift that shouts summer. A pleasant summery housewarming gift might be a large watering can containing a fern or some trailing ivy. Any decorative planter filled with your plant of choice makes a wonderful all-purpose gift. A wonderful garden gift basket for a gardening enthusiast would be to buy a large terra cotta planter and fill it with new gardening gloves, a new gardening book, seed packets, bulbs, a small decorative container, small statuary like a bunny or frog and a small garden implement or two.

Since summer is a hot season, consider gifts with a cooling effect. An iced tea maker with a supply of peach and raspberry teas makes an excellent summer gift. Consider filling a new ice bucket with ice tongs, ice treats or even a gift certificate to the local ice cream parlor. Likewise, a homemade ice cream maker and recipe book makes a great summertime gift. Other cool gifts might include a hammock, turbo fan, snow-cone maker, beach passes, etc…

As many people like to spend plenty of their summer outdoors, patio furniture or accents make fine gifts during the summer as well. A new patio umbrella, glider, new cushions, canvas folding chairs, bench, plant stand are items to consider. Other great accent gifts might include a tabletop fountain, wind chimes, a gazing ball, grill implements, grilling cookbook, outdoor lanterns, set of colorful plastic bowls, a decorative glass pitcher (filled with lemons and limes), food nets, colorful placemats and plastic dinnerware for patio dining, decorative baskets filled with fresh herbs and dried fragrant plants like lavender, etc…

As summer is also the perfect time for leisure and relaxation, always consider the gift of a new book—Caribbean Island cuisine or new mystery set in the steamy tropics. Beach gear is an appropriate summer gift—a badminton set, beach umbrella, beach bag, beach blanket, cooler stuffed with flip-flops, paperback book, beach towel are all delightful hot weather accompaniments.

Other terrific summertime gifts include: tickets to a summer movie blockbuster, designer sunglasses, picnic basket, iced tea glasses and stirrers, sun dress, wide brim hats, colorful tablecloths, salad bowls, tickets to a water park, camping items, summer sporting gifts and gear, vases, yard ornaments, garden props and so much more! You can also try to choose gifts in summer colors like ocean blue, bright yellows, pinks, peaches and especially white.

If you are giving a gift that does not have special summertime appeal, consider a small accent gift to go along with it that is more seasonal in nature. Items like colored sand bottles, palm-size sand castles, water-colored glass pebbles, single blooms in a bud vase, even a bookmark of pressed flowers can add just a hint of summer style to make your gift all the more memorable.

Giving gifts with summertime appeal makes the season all the more enjoyable for your recipient. Some items may only be available seasonally so they shop early for the greatest selection.

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Kid's Play; A Child's Response To Life. Discover Adorable Gift Baskets, Gifts And Presents For Children

adorable-gift-baskets-for-childrenAdorable Gift Baskets Offers Adorable Childrens Gift Baskets, Gifts and Presents For Kids, Children, Gifts for Babies & Toddlers.

Find a Child's Birthday Gift, Get Well Gifts for Kids, Child's Valentine's Day Gift, Cheer Up Gifts For Kids, Sympathy Gifts for Children, Easter Gift Baskets for Kids, Childen's Holiday Gifts and Presents.

A puppy chases its tail. A kitten pursues a ball of string. A young frog leaps from lily pad to lily pad. In just about every animal species, play is universal.

Indeed, children of every culture, from every corner of the globe, engage in play -- from the African boy who makes music with a hand-carved plaything, to the North American girl who cuddles a store-bought teddy bear. And while there never has been a greater array of toys available than today, anthropologists have found evidence of toys dating as far back as there is record of human life. Though play differs from species to species, culture to culture, generation to generation, it is clearly an instinctual, essential part of growing up.

While play has existed since ancient times, only recently have we come to appreciate its importance to a child's development. Too often, we dismiss playtime as simply entertainment for our children. Yet, experts consider play to be a child's work. Truly, there is no more constructive pastime for a child. While play is the essential joy of youth, it is also the primary way in which children learn about themselves, others and their world. Through play, children develop to physical, mental, social, emotional and creative skills needed for life.

Given the many benefits of play, parents and caregivers naturally want to make the most of it for their children - to choose appropriate books and toys, encourage positive play experiences and, above all, ensure safe play.

Send fun gift baskets filled with fun toys, snacks, candy, books, games, puzzles and tasty treats and goodies guaranteed to delight any child. Buy kids special gifts just because they're special kids!

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Real Estate Closing Gifts; Extreme Marketing Tips That Breed Referrals & Sales, Better Than Thank You Notes

real-estate-closing-gift-ideasReal estate agents, property managers, brokers and developers - this warning is for you!

It's not a warning of danger to come, but of missed opportunities for future sales; opportunities you can't afford to miss.

Whether selling a home, building a new construction or renting an apartment to tenants, it always feels great when you close a sale.  You've worked with the client to reach a successful end. However, when you do make a sale, don't sit back and relax. Go the extra mile and give your client or tenant a real estate closing gift such as a "New Home" gift basket or other useful gift.

Better than "Thank You" Notes

Sending a "thank you" note is great.  Many companies do this to show appreciation, and it's certainly better than sending nothing at all.  But, imagine how your client will feel if a unique gift is special delivered to their home. You can still send the note of thanks, but send it along with something useful.  This is what closing gifts are all about - a way to say "thanks" and be remembered for years to come.

Who Else Gets a Real Estate Closing Gift?


Clients aren't the only ones who should receive closing gifts from your company.  You should also consider all those you've worked with throughout the sales or rental process.  There are closing lawyers, lending institutions, mortgage companies, home improvement specialists, appraisers, insurance agents, housekeepers, etc.  All those who contribute to making your real estate sales possible should receive a closing gift from you.  Also, don't forget to send a gift to those who refer others to you!

Marketing Benefits of Real Estate Closing Gifts

The benefits of giving closing gifts are tremendous.  One reason you'll want to make this a normal practice is it will increase your real estate referrals dramatically.  Imagine the increase in leads of potential buyers and sellers if you suddenly have everyone you work with referring you sincerely to others!

*The client refers you because the purchase went smoothly AND they received a lovely closing gift from you.

*The closing attorney works with many people in real estate, even potential real estate buyers or sellers.  You're the real estate agent who stands out because you show such appreciation for the attorney.

*The person who cleans the homes or apartments for you may have family and friends who are interested in buying, selling or renting a home.

*The home improvement specialist makes repairs for you, and also for others who might be getting ready to sell their home.  Because of your thoughtfulness, you always come to mind when real estate conversations arise.

Another benefit is the potential of repeat business when your clients get ready to buy, sell, build or rent again.  How you treat clients during and after the sale will make an everlasting impression.  A closing gift makes the final impression.

More Benefits for Rental Property Managers

If you're a rental property owner or manager, giving a housewarming gift basket to a tenant is a great way to say "thank you" and to let them know you'll be there when they need you.  This helps with both new tenant referrals and resident retention. You can also give gifts to those who work with you to clean or repair the rental property.  Your thoughtfulness will go a long way.

With all the legal restrictions of marketing a real estate agency, you can't afford to miss this amazing opportunity.  Closing gifts can be an effective tool in building a solid foundation for your business!

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Amazing Gifts In Small Packages, What Is The Number One Gift Idea With Huge Appeal?

amazing-gifts Big does not necessarily mean better when it comes to gift giving. Small gifts carry big appeal when they surprise and delight the recipient.

The following gift ideas might be small in size, but can be very unique and thoughtful ways to mark a remembrance. Use them for a special relative, business acquaintance or friend when the occasion arises and you need a something special to give to someone special.

Small gift? Leave it to a woman to think bath and body gift baskets. Pampering stress relief gifts bath, spa, pampering relaxation bath gifts have always been a favorite gift for a woman. Every woman alive loves to receive rich relaxing body lotions, shower gels, bubble bath, body sprays, bath salts, bath oils, hand creams, luxury scented soap and sensual bath products. Be remembered for being original and thoughtful with your gift for her. Send relaxing gifts to pamper, relax and refresh body and soul!

Trinket boxes and small treasure chests are just beckoning to be opened. From small celluloid ring boxes to small dresser boxes decorated with anything under the sun from rhinestones to seashells—such trinket boxes are always sweet gifts suitable to a wide variety of people. And, since no box should remain empty, consider filling your trinket box with: a vintage handkerchief, hand-written poem, piece of Venetian glass candy, charm, tiny perfume bottle,beaded keychain, decorative pin, painted thimble, small mirror or gourmet chocolates!

Kitchen items can make sweet gifts as well. Egg cups are not widely used these days, but a pair of them (which you hand-paint) or have been purchased from the local antique store can be perfect items for the person who has almost everything. Also, a handsome coffee gift or pretty china teacup and saucer are excellent gifts that appeal to most people in general. Fill with a sample of coffee or tea, candied swizzle sticks, antique teaspoon, tea infuser, special sugars, etc…If you know someone who enjoys baking, consider a few unique cookie cutters wrapped in a decorative hand towel. Interesting or personalized kitchen magnets are also thoughtful touches.

Books may come in small sizes and keeping a collection of gift-books on hand for both adults and children is a nice way to show your appreciation. Cookbooks, picture books or gardening books purchased on clearance racks can be stored easily until you find its recipient. A small antique book of pressed flowers given with that teacup and saucer is a special way of saying you care about someone. Blank journals or diaries also make wonderful gifts that are suitable to a wide variety of people. They can be purchased, or, if you are crafty, consider covering one your self to suit someone special or cover a photo album to give to the prospective mother or bride.

Catering to someone else’s craftiness is also a clever way to acknowledge their talents and interests. For the sewer, grab a basket and load it with ribbons, buttons, fabric scraps and the like that you pick up throughout the year. Scrapbookers will appreciate decorative papers, pens and stickers. Any crafter may benefit from a newly published book on their craft topic filled with jewelry making, quilt or knitting ideas. For men often a new tool wrapped with a ribbon is a nice way to think of them too!

Other small gifts to keep on hand could include decorative fan pulls, homemade stationary, tins (to fill with anything from postcards to cookies), candles, decoupaged eggs, linen sachets, a hand painted tile, lace doilies, embroidered pillowcases, bud vases, glass flowers, colored pencil set, beaded change purse, small garden pot filled with seed packs or bulbs, etc…

Giving gifts is a wonderful and kind way to demonstrate your care of someone special. Be creative and always try to tailor your gift to the special person's interests or taste.

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Free Ground Shipping at Adorable Gift Baskets, - Benefits You Can't Afford to Miss

free-shipping-gift-baskets-giftsShopping online for gift baskets and other novel gifts has become very popular in recent years. Many online companies offer quality gift baskets and gifts at prices similar to those in specialty and department stores. However, one major drawback to shopping online has always been paying the shipping fees. Shipping charges can add as much as 20% to 40% to the cost of an item!

Fortunately, Adorable Gift Baskets is now offering free ground shipping with most of our gift baskets when your gift doesn't have to be rushed to its destination. As our customer, you'll enjoy several benefits, in addition to free ground shipping, when choosing Adorable Gift Baskets as outlined below.

Save Money on Every Product

Obviously, the number one benefit of free shipping is you'll save money with every purchase. Without shipping charges, you can purchase an item online and pay no more than the purchase price. The item is delivered to an address of choice at no charge. It's convenient, and you can save as much as $8-10. or more per product on small- to medium-sized gift baskets!

A Variety of Choices

Adorable Gift Baskets is able to offer a greater variety of products because our overhead costs are low. Free shipping makes online shopping even more appealing. For example, you can find the perfect gift basket that is tailor-made for your loved one in just moments online, and the price is around the same as that of a local store. Only, a local store may not offer such a variety of products due to limited space or resources. So with a free shipping offer, you're able to find that very special item easily, without paying extra for shipping and there is no tax in most cases. Shopping online at our online gift basket store makes this possible.

Save Big Time During Holidays

Free shipping for gifts saves you a tremendous amount of time and money around the holidays and special occasions. You can shop without leaving your home, any time of the day, and ship the items to your home or the recipient's home without paying extra for shipping costs and wrapping. Free shipping comes in handy for times like Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings, baby showers, etc. Be sure to order online far in advance near holidays!

Buy Gifts Online When Traveling

Perhaps you're planning a long trip and wish to surprise your parents on their anniversary with a gift basket. Or, perhaps your loved one will be having a baby soon, and you need to send a baby gift basket while away. With a free shipping offer, you can buy an anniversary gift basket online while away and have it shipped directly to your parents' home. You can also take advantage of free shipping, and have a baby gift basket delivered just in time for the shower. You never have to miss another gift giving occasion while traveling!

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GIFT BASKETS, The Origin Of Gift Baskets, Theme Baskets, Gift Basket Gifts and Care Packages

gift-gourmet-treatsTasty Gourmet Treats

People have always loved to exchange gifts as a means of expressing their love, care, happiness, concern and all kinds of feelings. The giving of a glorious gift basket is one of the most delightful and beautiful ways of expressing your feelings.

With the origin of gift baskets came the answer for so many people who wish to express their sentiments warmly in a unique and special manner. Everybody loves to give and receive a gifts that are unique and different. Thus the beauty in the giving of gift baskets.

Gift baskets can be simply best explained as a collection of small gifts, concentrating towards a central theme basket which the person wants to convey through the gift of a gift basket. The origin of gift baskets thus created a whole new world and wonderful way of giving gifts and expressing your sentiments.

Gift baskets are unique in that they satisfy all occasions and every person. Some of the themes include romance gift baskets while other gift baskets are designed in a get well theme or to welcome a new baby.

Now you can go online and, with the click of your mouse, buy the most beautiful Christmas gift baskets, a birthday basket, anniversary gift baskets, floral baskets, gourmet food baskets, gifts for babies, fathers day baskets or mothers day presents, thinking of you gift baskets and have them delivered right to their door.

Another reason for the origin of gift baskets is the need to give a complete gift package to the recipient. For example if you wish to give a theme party gift to your loved one you can never conclude it by purchasing a single item. Another great gift idea is a gift basket filled with party theme accessories, party foods, snacks, napkins, balloons, mugs, candles and other items such as the theme party we may require.

Satisfying your gift giving needs is not a great task hereafter. Adorable Gift Baskets offers incredible gift baskets with numerous choices to satify your every gift-giving need and fit your budget.Shop with confidence, your satisfaction is a priority at Adorable Gift Baskets.

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Las Vegas, Nevada Gift Basket Delivery

corporate-personal-gift-basketsLights, casinos, action!  That is what comes to mind when one thinks of Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is a medium-sized desert city with many hotels, abundant gambling and plenty of entertainment.  It is the county seat of Clark County.  The estimated population was around 517,000 as of 2003.

Las Vegas History

The area was founded in the early 1700s by a young man named Rafael Rivera.  The valley had abundant wild grass and a great water supply, so it was named Las Vegas, which is a Spanish word meaning "The Meadows."  In 1855, Las Vegas was the site of a fort built by Brigham Young's Mormon missionaries.  The fort was raided by the Paiute Indians and abandoned. This fort was the first non-Indian settlement in the area and can still be seen today on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Washington Avenue.

Las Vegas began to grow as a mining area in the late 1800s.  Then in 1905, Las Vegas officially became a city.  It was incorporated in 1911, and gambling was legalized then as well. The Hoover Dam was constructed in 1931, giving the area a population boost.  By the 1940s, the population had grown to more than 8,400. 

The "Gaming" Industry

fresh-fruit-basket-delivery In the 1960s, well-known billionaire Howard Hughes began buying casinos and hotels, and with strong marketing campaigns, Las Vegas became the springboard of a legitimate "gaming" industry.  Hotels with casinos began to open rapidly all over the city. Live shows of music, dancing and more boomed on almost every corner.  Even Elvis Presley opened at the International Hotel (now the Las Vegas Hilton) in 1969.

Today, Las Vegas boasts itself as being a tourist area for families since adding more family-friendly hotels and attractions in recent years.

Tourism in Las Vegas

From theme parks to museums, Las Vegas has attractions for everyone.  It's not just a place for those wanting to "try their luck" at the tables!  Families can find plenty to see and do during their stay.

For those who like to explore nature and history, there are several museums in Las Vegas, including Las Vegas Natural History Museum (, featuring a variety of wildlife, dinosaur exhibits, live sharks, snakes, fossils and more!  Other museums are the Nevada State Museum, Neon Museum, Elvis-a-Rama Museum and the Lied Children's Museum.  One can also take a walk through Mormon history at the Old Mormon Fort.

Race fans always enjoy the Richard Petty Driving Experience or the Mario Andretti Race Car Rides.  Or, one can take a short drive to the nearby town of Primm, Nevada to view the famous Bonnie and Clyde "getaway car," which has been displayed there since 1988.  While in Primm, adventure seekers will want to experience the Adventure Canyon Ride at Buffalo Bill's, where passengers take a log ride to a 35-foot drop with a big splash!  Riders can then shoot outlaw targets in a Wild West scene just for fun!  Buffalo Bill's offers other great thrill rides as well.

Only 35 minutes from Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam ( is a must-see for tourists.  This amazing wall stands more than 725 feet above the Colorado River, and offers a breathtaking view of Lake Mead and Boulder Canyon.

Las Vegas lake cruises provide a great way to spend a romantic evening.  Some must-see brief shows in the area include the Fremont Street Experience and Sunset Stampede.  The city also offers fine dining, shopping, golf, live shows, casinos at almost every turn, and more.  Even many of the hotels in Las Vegas provide a world of fun and entertainment for families or individuals.  There is never a boring moment!

For more information about Las Vegas, Nevada USA visit the official City of Las Vegas Web site (

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