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Giving: The Quickest Route To Receiving

gift-basket-catalogMost people know of the proverb "it is better to give than to receive", but we don't always believe it. To most people, giving away something we own is the same as losing it, whether it is money or possessions.

That's why most of us are only prepared to give if we have a surplus, have something of little value to us, or know that we are definitely going to get something back in return.

This view of things is based on the idea that there is only so much to go round and if we don't grab and keep our bit, someone else will get it and we'll be worse off. This is a scarcity attitude and results in win-lose, competitive, dog-eat-dog thinking.

But is this the right way to see things? Is there a limit on all good things, like some universe-sized fixed cake? The answer is, quite obviously, No. Even a brief glimpse of the way the world works shows that the world is an ever-growing and ever expanding place. And it grows and expands through the process of giving and receiving: the seedsman gives the seed to the soil which in turn gives back the flower; the flower gives its pollen to the bee, which in turn gives honey back to the man. The man gives in a spirit of abundance and in the fullness of time receives back many times over.

u-meat-and-cheese-basket-mediumSo, what does this mean for us, our goals and ambitions? Well, quite simply, that there are two ways to get what you want: the scarcity way in which you use force and power to grab what you want before anyone else beats you to it; and the abundance way in which you believe that your giving will result in an increase in the universal store of good things which in turn will find their way back to you many times over. One route is full of effort, stress, and force. The other route is full of belief, faith, and certainty.

So, how should we give to take advantage of this principle of giving and receiving? Here are five simple answers:

1. Give what people really want, bits of yourself. Even if you don't have a penny in the world, you can always give bits of yourself. Although most of us are brainwashed into believing that you cannot give a gift unless it has been bought from a shopping mall, these types of gifts are not what most of us really long for. But when you give your time, your attention, your kindness, and your thoughtfulness, people are always more appreciative and grateful.

2. Give your unique gifts. We are all born with unique gifts, whether a gift for making music, a gift for tilling a plot of land, a gift for caring, and so on. These gifts are our personal well of abundance. They are always there and, when given, are automatically renewed by some unseen universal force. That's why you should give them freely to others, at no cost or expectation of anything in return. In his book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", Deepak Chopra says he told his own children never to worry about making a living, but, instead, to discover what their own unique gifts were and concentrate on giving them in some kind of service to others. As a result, none of his children were ever without work.

3. Give something at every opportunity. The Law of Giving is an essential law for the way the Universe works. If the universe held back and hoarded its gifts, there would be scarcity and chaos. Only by freely giving can things work. That's the secret of abundant living. To get into this flow of rich exchange, make it a habit to always give something when you meet friends, colleagues, or relatives. It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive. You can bring a flower, a card, a note. And if you really have no current funds, just bring a compliment, a prayer, or a wish for health and happiness. The difference you make to others - and yourself - will be truly amazing.

4. Give in secret. The most important aspect of your giving is the thought behind it, not the actual gift itself. That's why there is little power in giving publicly just because you want to look good. Instead, when you give something to others, whether a gift of charity or a gift of real earthly worth, do it in secret, anonymously. That way, you can be sure that it's a real gift and not a pure ego gift.

5. Give without any thought of return. If you want to know one of the secrets about how the Universe really works, then understand the nature of paradox. One key paradox to life is that when you give freely without any thought of getting something back in return, then you will be invariably showered with huge abundance. On the other hand, when your purpose in giving is to get something back in return, then you may be disappointed in your expectations, or by limiting yourself to what you expect, get back much less than you wanted.

The real act of giving starts inside you with your attitudes and intentions. When you give out of love for others, your giving comes from a sacred place. It is blessed. And you will be blessed in return. (c) Eric Garner,

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