Denver Colorado Gift Basket Delivery

gift-baskets-gifts-onlineDenver - Mile-High City.

Denver is the state capital of Colorado and has a population of around 579,000 as of 2005. The city sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains on the South Platte River.  Its nickname is "Mile-High City" because of the city's high elevation above the sea level.  Nearby cities include Boulder, Aspen and Colorado Springs.  With abundant sunshine, adorable sights and a throbbing downtown area, Denver is sure to benefit tourists and residents alike.

Brief Denver History - Denver was founded in 1858 after gold was discovered where Cherry Creek meets South Platte River.  The town was named after James W. Denver, who was Governor of Kansas Territory.  Around 100,000 people migrated to the area in the late 1850s to early 1860s, giving a tremendous population boost for what would become the state of Colorado.  In 1861, the Colorado Territory was established

Around 1870, Denver became the second most populated city in the West, with San Francisco being first.  However, the population boom slowed tremendously due to the depression of 1893.  Denver became a center for livestock, wheat, manufacturing and service industries by the early 1900s, and the population began to grow again.  Then, other large industries such as oil and gas companies came to the area, causing another growth spurt in the 1940s and 1950s.

fresh-fruit-basket-delivery Today, Denver is known for solid structures in housing and buildings, transportation availability, telecommunication operations, and great skiing!  Denver also boasts the highest number of government employees in any state other than Washington, D.C. thanks to its large federal center.  The downtown area of Denver is the tenth largest in the United States.

Attractions in Denver - Those planning a visit to Denver will find an array of attractions and sights to see.  Downtown Denver streets are lined with lovely cafes, galleries, shops and even historic buildings for exploring the city heritage.  Walking downtown also reveals a panoramic view of the surrounding Rocky Mountains.  Also downtown is Six Flags Elitch Gardens amusement park with thrilling roller coasters, a water park and festive events throughout the year.

Sports fans will love Denver because of its well-known teams, including the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies and the Denver Nuggets.  Visitors can also attend a horse race or the National Western rodeo - one of the largest rodeos in the world.

Denver Museums and Nature - Art and culture buffs can tour one of the many museums or galleries in Denver such as the Children's Museum of Denver, the Black American West Museum and Heritage Center or the Denver Art Museum.  At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (, the entire family will love sitting in on a movie at the IMAX Theater or viewing the Gates Planetarium.  For a more colorful event, the Denver Botanic Gardens offers a relaxing tour of blossoming flowers and plants.

u-thinking-of-you-gift-basketDenver visitors can also tour the Confluence Park or the Platte River Valley on an open trolley car at the Denver Rail Heritage Society.  Also, there is the Denver Zoo ( with around 3,500 animals, including elephants, gorillas, leopards, rhinoceros and more!  It's the fourth most popular zoo in the United States.

Denver Night Life - Night life in Denver is always hopping with a variety of jazz clubs, restaurants and many forms of live entertainment. Music concerts are held often at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, which seats around 9,000 people.  This impressive arena was carved out of giant red rock boulders!

Skiing at Winter Park - For those visiting in winter, Denver's Winter Park creates a sensational ski atmosphere for the family with lodging, snow boarding, scenic rides by chair lift, mountain tours and more.  Winter Park is also open during summer and offers exciting activities year round.

From awe-inspiring scenery to thrilling attractions, Denver is a great destination for travelers. Learn more about Denver, Colorado United States at the City of Denver Web site (

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Gift Ideas That Will Make Her Adore You

adorable-gifts-for-herFeeling beautiful is a luxury every woman deserves. Consider these miracle working gift ideas to make her adore you.

Surprise her by serving her breakfast in bed, buy her pampering bath and body spa products, scented candles, gourmet food baskets and fresh flowers.

Send her rich relaxing lotions, shower gels, bubble bath, body sprays, bath salts, sensual massage and bath oils, hand creams, scented soaps and candles.

Woman love to receive gift baskets filled with relaxing scents and soothers and don't forget her chocolate gift baskets and roses!

Women also love to brag about their man when their man makes them feel special. So go ahead, buy pampering gifts for your favorite lady to make her feel like the special woman she really is.

It's true. Pampered women simply look and feel younger.

Giving: The Quickest Route To Receiving

gift-basket-catalogMost people know of the proverb "it is better to give than to receive", but we don't always believe it. To most people, giving away something we own is the same as losing it, whether it is money or possessions.

That's why most of us are only prepared to give if we have a surplus, have something of little value to us, or know that we are definitely going to get something back in return.

This view of things is based on the idea that there is only so much to go round and if we don't grab and keep our bit, someone else will get it and we'll be worse off. This is a scarcity attitude and results in win-lose, competitive, dog-eat-dog thinking.

But is this the right way to see things? Is there a limit on all good things, like some universe-sized fixed cake? The answer is, quite obviously, No. Even a brief glimpse of the way the world works shows that the world is an ever-growing and ever expanding place. And it grows and expands through the process of giving and receiving: the seedsman gives the seed to the soil which in turn gives back the flower; the flower gives its pollen to the bee, which in turn gives honey back to the man. The man gives in a spirit of abundance and in the fullness of time receives back many times over.

u-meat-and-cheese-basket-mediumSo, what does this mean for us, our goals and ambitions? Well, quite simply, that there are two ways to get what you want: the scarcity way in which you use force and power to grab what you want before anyone else beats you to it; and the abundance way in which you believe that your giving will result in an increase in the universal store of good things which in turn will find their way back to you many times over. One route is full of effort, stress, and force. The other route is full of belief, faith, and certainty.

So, how should we give to take advantage of this principle of giving and receiving? Here are five simple answers:

1. Give what people really want, bits of yourself. Even if you don't have a penny in the world, you can always give bits of yourself. Although most of us are brainwashed into believing that you cannot give a gift unless it has been bought from a shopping mall, these types of gifts are not what most of us really long for. But when you give your time, your attention, your kindness, and your thoughtfulness, people are always more appreciative and grateful.

2. Give your unique gifts. We are all born with unique gifts, whether a gift for making music, a gift for tilling a plot of land, a gift for caring, and so on. These gifts are our personal well of abundance. They are always there and, when given, are automatically renewed by some unseen universal force. That's why you should give them freely to others, at no cost or expectation of anything in return. In his book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", Deepak Chopra says he told his own children never to worry about making a living, but, instead, to discover what their own unique gifts were and concentrate on giving them in some kind of service to others. As a result, none of his children were ever without work.

3. Give something at every opportunity. The Law of Giving is an essential law for the way the Universe works. If the universe held back and hoarded its gifts, there would be scarcity and chaos. Only by freely giving can things work. That's the secret of abundant living. To get into this flow of rich exchange, make it a habit to always give something when you meet friends, colleagues, or relatives. It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive. You can bring a flower, a card, a note. And if you really have no current funds, just bring a compliment, a prayer, or a wish for health and happiness. The difference you make to others - and yourself - will be truly amazing.

4. Give in secret. The most important aspect of your giving is the thought behind it, not the actual gift itself. That's why there is little power in giving publicly just because you want to look good. Instead, when you give something to others, whether a gift of charity or a gift of real earthly worth, do it in secret, anonymously. That way, you can be sure that it's a real gift and not a pure ego gift.

5. Give without any thought of return. If you want to know one of the secrets about how the Universe really works, then understand the nature of paradox. One key paradox to life is that when you give freely without any thought of getting something back in return, then you will be invariably showered with huge abundance. On the other hand, when your purpose in giving is to get something back in return, then you may be disappointed in your expectations, or by limiting yourself to what you expect, get back much less than you wanted.

The real act of giving starts inside you with your attitudes and intentions. When you give out of love for others, your giving comes from a sacred place. It is blessed. And you will be blessed in return. (c) Eric Garner,

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Great Gifts for the Men in Your Life

gift-baskets-gifts-presents-for-menGift-giving need not be expensive or extravagant; it need only be thoughtful and given in a spirit of true warmth and generosity to be successful.

Buying gifts for the men in your life—be they your husband, father, grandfather, son, nephew, boyfriend, or friend—can be challenging given the old stereotype that men are hard to buy for; some men are, but it usually takes a bit of thought and you’ll come up with something.

The following article lists some great inexpensive ideas to help get you on the right track.

Most men love sports—and maybe you can’t afford a big screen television for them to watch all the games, or maybe they’ve already got one—but you certainly know that they love to snack through fumbles and timeouts. On that score, buy the biggest laundry basket you can find and fill it with all his favorite snacks—from roasted peanuts to a few select import beers. You might even hide a gift certificate for a pizza from his favorite pizza place.

For the sophisticated man in your life, why not buy him a subscription to a new journal. There are magazines to suit all interests and hobbies so you will have a wide selection. He’ll think of you every month it hits his mailbox.

Some men like to go out on the town from time to time. Find out what special concerts or shows are coming to your area. Perhaps you’ll find one of his favorites or something new both of you can enjoy together. Consider musical recitals, rock concerts, circuses, plays, etc…The gift of your company, dinner and an evening of entertainment may be worth more to him than anything you can fit in a box.

Some men really don’t want anything for their birthday or holidays—and act almost offended when you show up with your package of ribbons or bows. For these difficult men to buy for, consider doing something in their name—like making a donation to their favorite charity or adopting an animal at the zoo in their name, which is also a great gift for a child who already has all the toys they need.

Perhaps you don’t want a PG-rated gift for your man. You could always have your portrait of photos taken with you posed…exactly as he likes you best. This may be slightly embarrassing, but it will make for a memorable gift.

There are always the more traditional gifts to fall back on and the men in your life may be just fine with those—the ties, shirts, golf clubs, gift certificates, etc…Whatever you choose, if you’ve put thought and love into it, it will show through. by J. A. Young

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Memorable Ways To Welcome A New Baby

gifts-for-moms-and-babiesNew baby gifts are as much for the new mother or expectant mother as for the baby.

There are so many memorable ways to welcome a new baby to the world or to congratulate an expectant mom.

Celebrate the new arrival with new baby necessities, baby gifts, stylish diaper bags, personalized baby gifts, unique new baby keepsakes, balloons, flowers, adorable baby gifts and baby clothes.

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Create a Bright Spot With a Sympathy Gift Basket

comforting-sympathy-giftsSudden tragedies and accidents can occur without warming in our busy world. An accident or sudden death can happen so suddenly that it takes everyone by surprise, causing devastation and despair. Car accidents, sudden injuries on the job, children getting hurt while playing - all of these can cause despair for close friends and family members in only a moment's time.

You might feel helpless if this happens to a friend or loved one, but you don't have to be. 

There are ways you can help, gifts you can give such as sympathy gift baskets, and words you can say that create a bright spot during a crisis.  Here are some ideas to help you become the type of person who helps others without delay.  It's easier than you think.

Don't Delay Action - When a crisis hits someone you love, don't delay your actions.  Have a sympathy gift basket in mind that you can order on the spot.  Even online orders for gift baskets can be made around the clock.  The faster you get the order in, the faster it will be delivered to your loved one.

By nature, you probably have a tendency to wait around and see what is needed, or let someone else take the initial step towards helping the person in need.  What would be better is to go ahead and take the initiative.  You can be ready to go as soon as you're needed, with your gift in hand or at least on the way.  If at work, ask if you can leave early.  If asleep, jump up and get dressed to go.  If out of town, be willing to return home if necessary.  Even if it's not a death situation, it could be very important to your loved one.

Choosing a Sympathy Gift Basket - Most sympathy gift baskets contain foods such as sweet candies or chocolates, fruit, crackers, cheese, sausage, homemade cookies, etc.  If you know the person well, you can probably choose a basket according to their likes and those of their family.  Be thoughtful when choosing the sympathy gift basket by considering their children, spouse and other close relatives such as parents or siblings.  The sympathy gift basket will probably be a comfort to all those around, not just the one receiving it.

Many sympathy gift baskets contain a booklet with inspirational writings or comforting messages.  Choose one that fits the occasion.

Don't Fret when Your Loved One Needs Time Alone - Often when tragedy strikes, the person asks to be alone for a while.  If this happens to you, don't worry.  It's not personal.  Your sympathy gift basket will go a long way in showing you care even if you can't be present always.

With a lovely sympathy gift basket, you can show you care in many little ways - all wrapped in one thoughtful package.  Your loved one will appreciate your caring thoughts.

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San Francisco, California Gift Basket Delivery

corporate-personal-gift-baskets Send a Gift Basket to San Francisco, CA.

Adorable Gift Baskets delivers gourmet food, fruit, gifts and gift baskets to San Francisco, California for holidays and all gift-giving occasions.

Gold Rush and Golden Gate Bridge - A city birthed by the Gold Rush and known for its Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a lovely city situated between the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.  The city is known for steep hills and unique neighborhoods.  Located in San Francisco County as the county seat, San Francisco has an estimated population of 751,682 as of 2003.

A Look Back at Important Events - Though a young city, San Francisco's history is filled with several major events.  One such event was the Great Fire, which followed the Great Earthquake in 1906.  The earthquake was of 8.25 magnitude and caused a fire that destroyed almost 28,000 buildings.  Around 3,000 people lost their lives while almost 225,000 were homeless.

Even further back in 1850, the California Gold Rush sent swarms of people West to discover their treasures.  New counties were formed, including that of San Francisco.  The City of San Francisco was also formed at that time.

Movies and People in San Francisco - Several popular movies were filmed in San Francisco such as Forrest Gump, Dirty Harry and Chinatown.  The city has also been a home to Mark Twain, writer of Huckleberry Finn; William Randolph Hearst, publisher; Valerie Fleming, Olympics bobsled medal winner; Dashiell Hammett, writer; Johnny Mathis, singer.  Some local bands from San Francisco are Grateful Dead, Counting Crows, Steve Miller Band, Sly and the Family Stone and Jefferson Airplane.

Attractions in San Francisco - The city itself is enough to capture the eyes of tourists.  San Francisco is a breathtaking city with exquisite galleries of art and museums, restaurants, shops and other great places to see! For art and history lovers, San Francisco offers the Asian Art Museum, the Exploratorium, Academy of Sciences, Moscone Center and the Barbary Coast Trail.

The Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a garden lovers horticultural dream with blooming plants and flowers, classes for gardeners and events.

Guests can explore all sorts of fish and sea animals at the Steinhart Aquarium.  Box turtles, sea horses, clown fish, poison dart frogs, sea bass, eels and other interesting sea animals are on display.  There is also a penguin feeding each day.

The San Francisco Zoo is a magnificent place to take the family during a vacation in San Francisco.  It has a variety of animals, from amphibians to mammals to reptiles.  The kids will love seeing the animals and learning about how they survive in their natural habitats.

Other popular places to visit in San Francisco include the Grace Cathedral, Alcatraz Island, Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park and Fisherman's Wharf.  The Golden Gate Park is a must for the outdoors man type.  It has hiking, biking, horticulture and more!  There are also concerts during the summer at the park.

Neighboring San Francisco are the cities of Oakland, Sausalito, Napa and Berkeley.  It is located approximately 650 miles from Los Angeles and 152 miles from Sacramento.  To learn more about San Francisco, California visit the city's official website today!

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Akron, Ohio Gift Basket Delivery, Food, Flowers, Balloons, Gifts and Presents Delivered to Akron, OH

sweetsA Tour of Akron, Ohio - Situated on the Little Cuyahoga River, the city of Akron, Ohio holds the nicknames "Rubber Capital" and "Tire City."  Akron is the county seat of Summit County, and its population was estimated at around 212,215 as of 2003.

Akron was founded in 1870 by a man named Benjamin Franklin Goodrich.  He established a plant that manufactured fire hose, but this was eventually transformed into a booming rubber tire business after automobiles came on the market.  Many of the original tire plants of Akron have closed, but the city is still a center for researching and developing rubber products.  It's also the home of the Spirit of Goodyear - the Goodyear company blimp.

Famous Residents of Akron, Ohio -
Several famous people have made their abode in Akron over the years.  These include LeBron James, a well-known basketball player; Hugh Downs, a television personality; Judith A. Resnik, an astronaut who was in the space shuttle Challenger explosion of 1986; James Ingram, a well-known singer.

Attractions and Things to Do in Akron - Take the Scenic Route. From Akron, tourists can take the scenic route on the CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway.  CanalWay Ohio is a road that travels along a beautiful route through the state of Ohio, and provides easy access to nearby attractions in and around the Akron area such as the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens ( This is a gorgeous English home with breathtaking gardens.  Visitors can tour the 65-room mansion and gardens throughout the year.  The Hale Farm and Village is another place worth visiting while on the CanalWay Ohio.  Located just above the city of Akron, this village takes one back in time to a preserved town and culture from 1848.

Akron Zoological Park - The entire family will enjoy the Akron Zoo during their stay.  Among the zoo's wildlife are red pandas, African lions and river otters, with around 300 other interesting animals!  The fossil digging site and rainforest display offer plenty of enjoyment for kids and adults alike.

Goodyear World of Rubber in Akron -
The World of Rubber in Akron relives the early days of the rubber tire and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.  It's located on the fourth floor of Goodyear Hall at the company's corporate headquarters complex on Market Street in Akron.

Enjoy the Music of the Akron Symphony Orchestra - The Akron Symphony Orchestra ( performs concerts throughout the year with uplifting music that warms the soul.  From classical music to Gospel music to concerts for kids, there's a variety of music for everyone to enjoy.

Other great places to visit while in Akron include Quaker Square, Simon Perkins Mansion, Akron Art Museum, Inventure Place and Portage Lakes State Park.

Akron City Information - There is one airport in the area - the Akron-Canton Regional Airport.  It's located in North Canton, Ohio and is approximately 20 miles south of Akron.  The airport offers nearby parking, short lines and less crowding than some of the larger city airports.  It also boasts the lowest average fare in Ohio for travelers.

Akron also has two colleges, a variety of hotels and restaurants, and several historic sites.  It's a great place to visit or live! For more information about Akron, Ohio visit the Official City of Akron site. Click here to send gifts, flowers, presents and gift baskets to Akron, Ohio.

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Gift Baskets Delivered to Los Angeles, California

sweetsTouring Los Angeles, California:  City of Angels

Los Angeles, California is the county seat of Los Angeles County with an estimated population of 3,819,951 as of 2003.  The origins of Los Angeles date back to a Spanish settlement that was called "Reina de los Angeles" or "Queen of the Angels."

An explorer named Gasper de Portola established missions in Northern California in 1769, but early settlers had difficulties with poor harbors, isolation and a lack of water in the area.  During the mid-1800s, the town became a rough area of violence between Mexicans and Anglos.  When the Southern Pacific rail line was complete in 1872, Los Angeles saw an improvement in development and economy. 

With industries such as cattle, automobiles, citrus, oil and movies, Los Angeles experienced several growth spurts that eventually led to it being the second largest city in the United States.

Hollywood in Los Angeles

Probably one of the most well-known aspects of Los Angeles is its district of Hollywood.  Hollywood is located northwest of the downtown area and is center of the movie industry. Though much of the film industry has spread into surrounding areas such as Westside and Burbank, Hollywood is still the heart of movie creation, where effects, lighting, props and editing take place through various companies.

Los Angeles Ball Teams

Los Angeles is home to several well-known ball teams:  Lakers (NBA), Dodgers (NL), Kings (NHL), Clippers (NBA), Galaxy (Major League Soccer), Sparks (WNBA) and Avengers (Arena Football).

Visit the Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo ( has exciting animals such as snakes, birds, goats, elephants, camels, bobcats, bears, alpacas, porcupines, rhinoceros and many more!  There are also fragrant botanical gardens to brighten the day.  The zoo has much to offer for educational tours or just plain fun for the family.

See Art from around the World

For art fans, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) ( has more than 150,000 pieces from all over the world.  Its collection is often considered to be the most comprehensive in the western United States.  There is a variety of American, Islamic, Latin American and Southeast Asian works at the museum - art for all tastes!  Other historic sites in Los Angeles include the Getty center, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Museum of Tolerance and the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

Los Angeles also offers several historic adventures where tourists can learn about the history and cultural diversion of the city.  The regions with historic metro adventures include downtown Los Angeles, Broadway Corridor, Canoga Park, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, San Pedro, original Farmers Market and Wilshire.

Other great places to visit while in Los Angeles are Griffith Park, Will Rogers State Beach, Echo Park, CBS Television City and the Getty Center.  Neighboring cities of Los Angeles include Pasadena, Manhattan Beach and Torrance.

For more information about moving to Los Angeles, California or tourism visit the official website for the City of Los Angeles (

Sacramento, California Gift Basket Delivery

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Your Guide to Sacramento, California - Sacramento, California is the state capital and is known as the Almond Capital of the World. As of 2003, the population was estimated at 445,335.  Sacramento is located in Sacramento County and sits in the Sacramento Valley.  In 2002, Sacramento was ranked as number 14 of the Best Places to Live and Work in America, as listed on

The city got its name from the Spanish term for "holy sacrament."  Sacramento was founded in 1839 and is the oldest incorporated city in California.  It was built around Sutter's Fort.  This is where the western terminus for the transcontinental telegraph was located as well.

Sacramento has played a significant part in California history, especially the Gold Rush.  In 1839, a man named John Sutter founded the city and built a cattle ranch and trading center.  When gold was discovered in 1848 at a sawmill, Sutter's workers quit working for him to look for gold.  The town of Sacramento became the main area of focus for miners.  Tourists to the area can visit Old Sacramento and the California State Railroad Museum to relive some of the history of the Gold Rush.

Famous Movies and Residents

Two well-known movies were filmed in Sacramento - American Beauty and Phenomenon.  Some famous residents of the area include Molly Ringwald, actress; Sam Elliott, actor; Joan Didion, writer.

Tourism in Sacramento

Sacramento offers a variety of recreation that includes a ballet, orchestra, parks, bike trails and more.  One can step back in time by visiting Sutter's Fort, where Sacramento was started.  It was built in 1840 by the town's founder John Sutter and housed a small town inside its thick walls.  A guided tour is available at Sutter's Fort where audio speakers inform visitors of its history and structure at every stop.  Sutter's Fort is encamped in Sutter's Fort State Historic Park.

Another great place for the family is the Sacramento Zoo (  It provides 14 acres of some amazing animals and a great reptile house.  Jaquars, tigers and lions always amaze the kids! There are more than 4,000 animals including red pandas, snow leopards and more.  The zoo also offers educational tours for kids and other fun events.

For those looking to relax during their stay, the Discovery Park is a great place to do just that!  It offers 275 acres of shelters, picnic areas, fishing, rafting or boating, guided tours and more.  It's a great place to spend a day away from the busy city life.  Other parks include the McKinley Park and the William Land Park Golf Course.

For fun rides and exciting games, Funderland ( is the place to go.  It's a small amusement park with free admission.  Tickets are required to ride the rides, or an unlimited wristband can be purchased.  Rides include a steam train, roller coaster, and many others for small children.

Sacramento is a great place to discover the heritage of California and have a little fun and relaxation.  Neighboring cities are Davis and Woodland.  Lake Tahoe is not very far!  To learn more about Sacramento, California visit the City of Sacramento ( on the web today!

Gift Baskets Delivered to Portland, Oregon


History and Tourism of Portland, Oregon - "Rose City"

Situated on the Willamette River is the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.  Portland is located in Multnomah County as the county seat and has an estimated population of 538,544 as of 2003.

Interestingly, the name of Portland was determined as the result of the flip of a coin that is today called the Portland Penny.  In 1843, a man named William Overton from Tennessee drifted onto the shores of the Willamette River.  Another man named Asa Lovejoy from Massachusetts arrived in his canoe also.  Overton, being a drifter, wanted to claim the land but had no money to do so.  He asked Lovejoy for a quarter, promising him a share of the claim.  The area was called "The Clearing" and was 640 acres total.

Overton grew tired of the deal and sold his portion of the claim to Francis Pettygrove.  As new partners, Pettygrove and Lovejoy couldn't decide when choosing a name.  Lovejoy desired to name it Boston after his hometown, while Pettygrove wished to name it Portland after his hometown of Portland, Maine.  A simple coin toss gave Pettygrove the victory.  Portland would be the name!

Portland was turned into a major port by a man named John Couch, a sea captain from New England.  Industry and the economy grew during the California Gold Rush.

The Benson Bubblers

Another interesting story from Portland's history is that of Simon Benson and his "Benson Bubblers."  In the early 1900s, Benson owned a lumber mill in Portland, and noticed that his workers were drinking alcohol during the day.  Upon inquiry, he found that many of them were drinking simply because there was no fresh water to be found in the city.  Benson built 20 beautiful freshwater drinking fountains, which still stand in downtown Portland today.  Beer consumption actually decreased after the installation of the fountains!  Benson also contributed much to Portland's society and economy by building the first major hotel there, helping fund a city park, and making donations to help local schools. 

Things to Do in Portland

When visiting Portland, it's easy to see why the town is so inviting.  Its pedestrian-friendly city blocks are lovely.  There are parks, historic sites, museums and more.  To name a few, the Oregon History Center, Oregon Maritime Center and Museum, World Forestry Center, Portland Art Museum and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Looking for romance?  The Portland Spirit Dinner Cruise offers delicious dining and sightseeing on the Willamette River and Columbia River to Portland's downtown area.  Or, take a city tour while in Portland.  Tours are available at the parks, unique sites in the city, historical areas and more.

There is also the Portland Rose Festival, an event that lasts up to 25 days with around 80 events or festivities.  This festival is held to provide family fun, civic pride and cultural diversity.

The entire family will enjoy the Oregon Zoo ( with its great animals and natural environment.  Garden lovers will enjoy the many gardens of Portland, including the Grotto, a peaceful setting and botanical garden where one can view the Cascade Mountains, and even Mount St. Helens.  The Japanese garden and Chinese garden are must-sees as well.

Portland, Oregon neighbors the cities of Vancouver and Gresham, and is located just north of Salem, Oregon's capital.  Known as "Rose City," Portland is a quaint town that offers a blend of city life, a friendly atomosphere, and captivating scenery.

To learn more about Portland, Oregon go to Portland Online (

Choosing the Right Golf Balls

golf-gifts-click-hereYou've watched Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on television – you know the brand of golf balls they use. And they're good, right? You should be able to use the same brand of golf balls and be good too, right? Wrong!

Maybe using the same type golf balls as the PGA golf pros will improve your game...and maybe it won't. You need to choose the golf ball that's right for your own game. Choosing the wrong kind of golf ball can be a bigger handicap to your game than starting at the 19th hole. Choosing the right kind of golf ball can have you feeling like a Tiger, even if you don't quite have his handicap.

Golf balls come in three styles: 2-piece, 3-piece, and high performance. 2-piece golf balls are designed for improving your distance, while 3-piece and high performance golf balls can typically help with accuracy.

The 2-piece golf balls are especially good if you're just starting out or if you've played just enough to know you really want to give this sport a try. They're also terrific for high handicap golfers who have been around a while. Hey, we can't all be pros! These are the most common type on the market and usually less expensive than 3-piece balls. Best of all, the large rubber core provides faster speed off the tee for those of you with a slow swing. In turn, that gives you greater distance.

It could happen that the first time you played, everyone was astounded at the way you slammed that little white ball with the power of a major league batter aiming for a grand slam. But that's doubtful. Distance is usually developed over time as you develop your swing and find the groove. When you are just beginning, chances are you need to improve your accuracy more than your distance. Once you've developed your accuracy, then is the time to choose a golf ball and clubs that will help improve your distance.

If you haven't developed consistent accuracy – that is, having the ball consistently land in the same "general" area each time – then the 3-piece golf ball probably isn't right for you. It's just not as forgiving of miss-hits as the 2-piece golf ball. The same goes for high performance balls. They're pretty much designed for advanced golfers...and their price bears this out!

One factor to always be considered is cost. Simple, standard 2-piece golf balls usually come in 18-packs and are relatively inexpensive. The cost of golf balls may seem small in comparison to the overall cost of pursuing the sport but the inexperienced golfer can go through a lot of golf balls in a very short space of time!

The key, as with most golf equipment, is to choose the right kind of golf ball for your level of play. Consider your swing and your game, and then choose the ball that will help eliminate your weaknesses and build upon your strengths.

If you don't choose the right golf ball for your level of play, your golf round might just become what Mark Twain once called it: "...a pleasant walk, spoiled".

Copyright 2005 Donald Saunders

Newcomers to the world of golf may find choosing the right golf balls a difficult task. Check out the local suppliers in your area and don't be too tempted by those personalized golf balls

What Is A Gift Tower?

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Gift Baskets Delivered to Albuquerque, New Mexico

pasta-tuscanyAlbuquerque, New Mexico: Gorgeous City on the Rio Grande

Known as "The Duke City," Albuquerque, New Mexico is located in Bernalillo County on the Rio Grande. Its population was estimated at around 471,856 as of 2003. The town is called "The Duke City" after Fernandez de la Cueva, the Duke of Alburquerque, who was viceroy of New Spain. The original Spanish town, founded in 1706, was enlarged in 1880 due to the expansion of the Santa Fe Railroad toward the west. The new town was incorporated in 1890. After World War II, Albuquerque began to grow rapidly. Many industries are attracted to its popular metropolitan area today.

Industry and Culture of Albuquerque

Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico. It is also a center for livestock, farming and timber. There are various industries including food-processing factories, lumber mills and high technology companies.

Universities and colleges in or around the area include the University of New Mexico, Pima Medical Institute, Parks College and the University of Phoenix-Albuquerque. The town has a minor league baseball team called the Isotopes. The Cibola National Forest headquarters is also located in Albuquerque as well as the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park. The city and surrounding areas are known for being a health resort because of the wonderful climate.

Famous People in Albuquerque

Some famous residents include Mike Judge, animator of Beavis and Butt-head; Ronnie Lott, football player; Neil Patrick Harris, actor. Albuquerque was also the location of filming for the movies Silkwood, Outrageous Fortune, Off the Map and Rent.

Albuquerque Festivities

Among the festivities in Albuquerque are a Balloon Fiesta, the Gathering of the Powwow and the New Mexico State Fair. The Balloon Fiesta ( is the largest in the world with more than 1,000 balloons. The Gathering of Nations Powwow is an event where Native Americans gather for dancing, a trade market and street fair. Miss Indian World is chosen and crowned at each yearly event. The River of Lights, or Holiday Light Fest, is a time when Albuquerque becomes illuminated with small lights. The Albuquerque Botanic Garden and the Rio Grande are beautiful during this time. This festival lasts one month. The town also has a Festival of the Arts and a Folk Festival.

Albuquerque Attractions

There's plenty to do when visiting Albuquerque, from beautiful scenery to interesting places. At the Petroglyph National Monument, tourists can view around 15,000 prehistoric rock images along the West Mesa volcanic canyon just outside of Albuquerque. For those who are interested in Indian culture, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center reveals the history of Pueblo people with artifacts, exhibits and demonstrations. Albuquerque has several other museums in and around the area, including the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the National Atomic Museum and the Albuquerque Museum.

Tourists love to stroll through the old town of Albuquerque to see architecture from the 18th century, adorable shops and the interesting Rattlesnake Museum. For nature lovers, there are the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park. The Rio Grande Zoo, Albuquerque Aquarium and Cliff's Amusement Park each offer fun for the entire family. Albuquerque also offers waterparks, great golf courses and a ski area.

For more information about Albuquerque, NM visit Hello Albuquerque's official Web site. (