What is a Gift Basket?

Fill a Gift Basket with Love - A Unique Alternative for Showing You Care

You've probably heard of or seen gift baskets online many times. You know, they're those lovely baskets filled with goodies that are given as gifts on special occasions or anytime to show you care. These have become popular gifts for the holiday season, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and many other occasions. Gift baskets are a unique alternative to the typical greeting card with candy.

What is a gift basket? A gift basket is a small-to-medium sized woven basket that is either white, light or dark brown in color. A gift basket is usually filled with goodies such as gourmet foods, inspirational booklets or tapes, and other small gift items like coffee mugs or scented candles. The gift basket provides a remarkable way to say "I care" while also differing from ordinary gifts.

There are many occasions where a gift basket would be appropriate. Holidays, birthday, anniversary, wedding and graduation are mentioned above. Here are some other great gift ideas for sending a gift basket that can brighten someone's day.

*Mother's Day: Many mothers love getting baskets full of goodies and relaxing pamper spa bath and body gifts! If your mother has grandchildren, she can share a candy or cookie gift basket with the kids.

*Teacher's Day: Instead of an apple, impress your teacher or your child's teacher with an intriguing gift basket. She can sit it on her desk and grab a snack whenever the urge hits!

*Get Well Gifts: A big, beautiful hand delivered gift basket filled with fresh fruit makes a terrific get well gift for someone who's under the weather with an illness. They can munch on the treats during those long, boring days spent in the bed. Friends and family members can benefit as well.

*Gifts for returning thanks: Gift baskets make great gifts for returning thanks when someone has helped plan or perform an important event. An example of this would be gift baskets for a bridal shower or the bridesmaids of a wedding.

*Pastor's wife appreciation gift: At church, a great way to show appreciation for your Pastor's wife is to present a gift basket to her during an anniversary service or other event.

*Secret Sister or Secret Santa gifts for holidays: Many companies, churches and organizations enjoy giving gifts secretly throughout the year or on holidays using a "Secret Sister" or "Secret Santa" program. Gift baskets are a good choice for these occasions!

*Chinese auction gifts: Chinese auctions are fun, especially when you're number one! These are auctions where various gifts are brought wrapped and unmarked, and everyone chooses a gift according to the number order after drawing their numbers. A gift basket would be perfect for this event.

*Gift for someone with a severe cold or flu: Know someone with a severe cold or flu? A gift basket with soup mix might be just the thing to bring relief. Soup has been known to soothe the worst of colds!

Gift to send someone far away: Want to show someone you care who lives miles away? Gift baskets can be ordered online and shipped directly to their door. Gift baskets are delightful gifts for sharing your love with others nearby or far away!

Gift Baskets Benefit the Receiver

The person receiving your gift basket will benefit beyond the goodies inside. The basket itself is a great keepsake that can be used to store magazines, silk flowers, holiday treats, and might even be used as a bed for a small pet! The gift basket will enhance the decor of their home and serve as an extra storage space for small items.

With a gift basket, your gift and thoughtfulness will go a long way. Gift baskets are delightful gifts for sharing your love with others nearby or far away!

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