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Friday, September 22, 2017

2017 Best Family Halloween Costumes Ideas and Where to Buy

Halloween 2017 is almost upon us! Time to dust off the spooky decorations and decide on costumes. But, what to wear? What is more memorable than a Halloween where everyone in the family embraces a theme and joins in on the fun together?  More than 20 family Halloween costumes are described in this article.

All the rage for Halloween 2017 is well-planned family costumes. 

Halloween Gift Baskets Delivered
Everyone getting in on the Halloween theme (even pets) is easier to coordinate than you may think. 

Halloween fun has a powerful impact that people will remember for years to come. 

If you are an avid DIY-er, making a set of family costumes may be a piece of cake; all you need is a little direction and a fun idea. Consider something original and quirky, like everyone dressing up as breakfast foods, or dressing as farmers with the kids dressed as different crops.

Ask your children for ideas or consider a theme that may have special meaning for your family. The idea here is to embrace the originality that DIY can offer and create unique costumes that others can't reproduce easily.

However, if you can't craft your way out of a paper bag, buying a set of family costumes is an excellent solution. Purchasing ready-made outfits will certainly save time, and it offers the same amount of fun for the household as homemade costumes.

Send the little ghouls and goblins on your list Halloween gift baskets filled with a fantastic assortment of gourmet sweets and treats. 

Halloween Gift Baskets, Candy, Chocolates & Sweets to Scare up Some Halloween Fun

Below, 20 trendy family costume ideas are listed. Altogether, the collection provides a range of themes, prices, and numbers of garment pieces, so you are sure to find something that fits your family's preferences. Peruse the list and stores for costumes to purchase or simply for ideas.

Band of Pirates from Chasing Fireflies

Star Wars Characters from Party City

Pokemon Characters from Party City

Train Conductors from AllAboardWhistle Etsy shop

Skeleton Family from Target

The Incredibles from Target

Despicable Me from Spirit Halloween

Medieval Family from Spirit Halloween

Avengers from Spirit Halloween

Beauty and the Beast from Disney Store

Frozen Characters from HalloweenCostumes.com

Peter Pan Characters from HalloweenCostumes.com

Snow White Characters from HalloweenCostumes.com

Family of Zombies from Spencersonline.com

Where's Waldo Family from Spencersonline.com

M&Ms from SpruceMount Etsy Shop

Angry Birds from Halloween Express

Flintstones Family from Halloween Express

Harry Potter from Halloween Express

Lord of the Rings from Halloween Express

Of course, there are many more options out there for family costumes, especially if you are creative. But, this list is an easy way to get started and coordinated for Halloween this year.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Best Food Gifts To Send By Mail

Who doesn't love getting something in the mail besides bills and junk mail?! 

Unique gift baskets containing food, treats, and other goodies can be the perfect pick-me-up for someone you love. Many times those we care about are so busy in their lives that they forget to do something nice for themselves. That's why a gift basket can help show that special person how much you care. 

Also, you can pick out the best food gifts to send by mail according to our fun themes and based purely on your special recipient's tastes and favorite foods. You'll find sugar, spice, healthy foods, salty snacks, and so much more.

Themed Food Gift Baskets for Delivery

From breakfast gift baskets brimming with goodies to make pancake lovers proud to Italian gift baskets geared up for a series of hearty meals, you can find plenty of favorite food groups to delight your special someone. In addition to delicious food, many of the gift baskets come with keepsake accessories as well. Some selections even include cooking utensils, accessories, and unique containers like a fine colander or a ceramic pitcher that your recipient can use over and over again. Football fans are sure to love the football cutting board and serving platter and you'll find plenty of other gift baskets for sports fans, coffee lovers, the home chef, and truly anyone on your list.

Chocolate and Sweet Gifts - Satisfy their sweet tooth with premium chocolate gifts and chocolate gift baskets for every chocolate lover on your list. Look no further than the snack gift baskets for a fast fix to salt and sweet cravings. Offering choices of meat and cheese, sweets and treats, and everything from soup to nuts--literally--our gift baskets make it easy to find a special present that is sure to impress. Each food item in every gift basket is hand-picked to provide a truly satisfying experience for the recipient.

Some of the most popular gourmet gift baskets feature favorite snacks and treats across the board. You can show a special friend or family member how important they are to you with a fine gift basket designed to make the most refined foodies proud. The gourmet meat and cheese sampler sets appeal nicely to all ages, as do the deluxe and over-the-top gift baskets, brimming with a plethora of yummy eats. Exquisite gift baskets like the Renaissance gift basket, boasting chocolate and fine treats, are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Same Day Basket Gift Delivery
You can search the vast selection of foods, spices, and beverages to find the best gourmet gift baskets for your special person. Browse gift baskets of all sizes and price points to find one that's just right for your needs. Impressive presentation, delicious food, and an indescribable feeling of joy in both giving and receiving come standard with all of our gift baskets.

Reasons to Send Food Gift Baskets

From the college care package to the movie buff package, you can always find just the right gift for the people you love. Choose food gift baskets for delivery to celebrate a birthday, a retirement, graduation, or even a new baby. (Everyone knows brand-new parents sometimes forget to eat!) Likewise, a pregnant friend is sure to appreciate a basket of treats, as is a family member who's recently moved and just started exploring a new place.

When you don't have the words to express your feelings, sympathy food baskets can more easily convey your heartfelt emotion. A food gift basket during a time of sorry helps those who are grieving to remember to eat even if they don't feel up to cooking. Fruit gift baskets are just one example of a suitable sympathy gift basket idea.

Thank you, gift baskets are a truly memorable gesture of appreciation. From teachers to tutors, babysitters to doctors, parents, in-laws, and beyond, each person has a reason to give thanks. You can make it a very special thank you with a delicious basket of goodies, savory snacks, and so much more.

Sometimes you don't even need a reason at all. When it comes to gift baskets, ideas are all around you. Just think about your grandparents or elderly relatives who may just love the fact that they were on someone's mind. Bring bountiful cheer to their day with an unexpected gift that very simply says, "I care about you."

Convenience of Gift Basket Delivery

Gift basket delivery makes it easy to send a special present at a moment's notice. Just think about how much time it could take to scout out all of the delicious foods, pick out a beautiful basket and packaging, add in any special accents, wrap it all up, figure out the right sized box, and drive it over to the post office. We help you to bypass all of that hassle with a simple process that allows you to effortlessly present your loved ones with beautiful, memorable, scrumptious gifts.

The best food gifts to send by mail tend to be packaged and sealed well or very fresh like a succulent fruit basket. Whether you're thinking of cookies and sweets or meats and cheeses, salty snacks, breakfast delights, spicy bites, and more, you can rest assured your delectable food gift baskets arrive fresh and flavorful every time.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Holidays Can Be A Blessing... Not A Headache

Holiday Gift BasketsAn Easy Solution to the Holiday Rush

The holidays tend to bring about much stress with tiresome gift shopping and last-minute planning for family gatherings. It's not easy to pick out that "special" holiday gift for every member of the family, close friends, or co-workers. That's why many shoppers are turning to online gift sources as a solution to the holiday rush. With holiday gift baskets, you can easily shop for that perfect gift while saving time and money.

Holiday gift baskets are filled with delightful treats and holiday favorites such as hot cocoa, chocolate delicacies, crackers, cheese spreads, gourmet foods, wine, and soothing herbal teas.  Years ago, if someone mentioned &quote;holiday gift basket," what might come to mind would be a small inexpensive basket with a couple of treats and maybe a small pouch of coffee or tea. But with the extravagant Christmas basket arrangements today, your loved one will be very impressed with your thoughtful gift.

Today's hand-arranged holiday gift baskets are large and overflowing with specialty gourmet foods and sweets to entice the taste buds. You can choose from high-quality holiday gift baskets at prices ranging anywhere from $35 to $180 depending on the types of goodies inside. The baskets are decorative for the holiday season with bows and elegant designs, and the foods and treats are fresh and mouth-watering.

Holiday gift baskets can be ordered online at any time, day or night, and shipping or delivery is usually very affordable. You can have gift baskets delivered to your home or directly to your friend or loved one. If you have several friends or relatives that are difficult to buy for, a holiday gift basket stuffed with goodies they enjoy would be an easy solution. You won't have to go from store to store desperately seeking their gifts. You can pick and choose from hundreds of select Christmas food gift baskets online to suit their taste.

One thing you'll notice at Adorable Gift Baskets is we strive to arrange a variety of holiday gift baskets with different blends of foods and treats to satisfy any gift recipient.  The holidays can be a blessing... not a headache when you give a delightful holiday gift basket from the heart!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

10 Reasons Holiday Gift Baskets Make Great Corporate Gift

The holiday season will be here before you know it, and running a business at this special time of year can be a daunting task. 

One of the most important tasks for business owners at this time of year is finding the perfect corporate gifts for their clients. 

Thanking your best clients is an important part of running a business, but you need gifts that are tasteful, elegant, practical and useful.

Here are 10 reasons holiday gift baskets fit the bill for all your corporate giving needs.

.   Holiday gift baskets are thoughtful, tasteful and always in season. The corporate gifts you choose are a direct reflection of your good taste and the quality of your business. No matter what kinds of clients you serve, holiday gift baskets will make you, and your company, look good.

.   Holiday gift baskets are nondenominational. Whether your clients celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or the winter solstice, a holiday gift basket is the perfect counterpoint to their celebration.

.   Holiday gift baskets are appropriate for every recipient. Everyone loves a good gift basket, one overflowing with delicious gourmet foods, specialty products, and other treats.

.   Holiday gift baskets are easy to buy. You have a business to run, and that means no time for holiday shopping. When you choose holiday gift baskets, you can get your corporate gift-giving done in a single afternoon, all without leaving the office.

.   Holiday gift baskets are sure to please. When you give holiday gift baskets to your corporate clients, you know they will not end up stashed in the closet or crammed in the back of the drawer.

.   Holiday gift baskets are constant reminders of your generosity - and your company. Your clients will think of you fondly every time they dip into their gift basket, and that is good news for your business and your brand.

.   Holiday gift baskets are affordable. No matter what your price range, you can find a corporate gift basket that is perfect for your client.

.   Holiday gift baskets are infinitely customizable. If you need an exceptional corporate gift for that special client, you can customize your holiday gift basket with the best gourmet products and other goodies.

.   Holiday gift baskets are perfect for out-of-town clients. Whether your clients are located in the same town or halfway around the globe, your corporate gifts can go anywhere.

.   Corporate gift baskets are the perfect way to say thank you. Thanking your clients is an essential part of doing business, and nothing says "thank you" like a holiday gift basket.
Whether your business is a brand new startup or a longstanding member of the community, it is your customers who keep you going. Taking the time to thank your valued clients may be a thoughtful gesture, but it is also smart business. Holiday gift baskets are perfect for corporate giving - easy to give, wonderfully useful and easily customizable for every client on your company gift list.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Stress or Sanity, "I'm A Little Stressed Right Now"

When you want to give a gift that shows how much you care, a gift basket bundles all you want to say in one beautiful assortment.

Gift baskets and care packages are perfect for showing your thoughtfulness during a time of illness or maybe you'd like to send a special birthday wish to a friend. 

Or perhaps you want to express gratitude to someone who has recently lent a helping hand.

This nutty snacks gift box includes Stress or Sanity, a survival guide for the 21st century. Perfect gift for the boss, friend or anyone else, who's a little stressed or just a little nuts.

"I'm A Little Stressed Right Now" is a humorous perpetual calendar with 365 reasons to chill out. Perpetual calendars are made to sit on a desk easel style and do not go by year but by month and day so you can give them anytime and they will have the right date.

  • I'm A Little Stressed a humorous gift book of what gets us stressed out.
  • Sea salted roasted shell on pistachios 2 oz. box.
  • Peanut crunch popcorn in a 6 oz. bag.
  • Peanut brittle 4 oz. bag.
  • Dry roast peanuts 2 oz. bag.
  • Gift baskets can be tailored around one central theme and can be focused on something your friend enjoys. Maybe your loved one has a favorite food or snack, or a favorite type of reading. 

    Gifts baskets designed to their likes will make them realize you were thinking of what they would enjoy. After all, what chocolate lover wouldn't want a Ghirardelli chocolate gift basket? Or what cookie lover wouldn't adore a gift basket filled with delicious cookies and other baked goodies?

    All you have to do is think of what your friend likes the most. Select a theme that would fit them just right. Gift baskets are almost always built around a particular theme. For example, if you wanted to send an aromatherapy gift basket, you'd select a gift baskets with candles or bath and body items for ultimate relaxation.

    The idea is to select a gift basket filled with treats and products that your recipient would enjoy. Whether you plan to have the gift basket delivered to your friend or loved one, or want to bring it to a party or other event yourself, you can choose a gift basket fitting for any occasion. To find that perfect theme gift basket, you should never have to create your own. Adorable Gift Baskets offers affordable gift baskets for whatever theme or occasion you desire. You'll impress your recipient with the thoughtful gift based on what they enjoy.

    Some themes for gift baskets include pasta gifts, organic baskets, new baby gifts, Mother's Day, Father's Day, holiday baskets, spa baskets, sport gift baskets, luxury gift baskets, kosher gifts, wedding gifts, get well, thank you and many others. Just pick a gift basket and allow us to do the rest!

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

It's So Easy To Send Gift Baskets Online

Adorable Gift Baskets offers gift baskets for delivery including Christmas holiday gift baskets plus gift baskets delivered for every occasion, event, and every milestone.

Relax and browse our enormous selection of fabulous gift baskets available for delivery.  

Select from corporate, business and personal gift baskets that are impressive, affordable and designed with utmost care to ensure that each gift basket is a special gift. 

Find unique holiday gift ideas for business associates, co-workers, family, friends, and neighbors for the holidays and all occasions. When you have made your selection, place your gift basket order online, and your chosen gift baskets will be delivered directly to the home or office of those special people in your life.

Great Gift Basket Ideas

The versatility of is one of their most appealing qualities. No matter what the occasion is or what the age of the gift recipient is, a gift basket is always an excellent idea. The giver has a bit of fun searching for the perfect gift basket, and the recipient certainly enjoys receiving the gift.

Beautifully designed and put together, gift baskets are both attractive and unique. Whether you decide to order a custom made gift arrangement or purchase an all occasion gift basket, the available choices are as numerous as they are different.

There's something special for everyone, making gift baskets quite versatile in nature. Send a gift basket to someone special today!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Father's Day Is Coming, What Does Your Dad Enjoy?

June 18 will bring in another day to celebrate fathers this year! Father's Day is a day designed for expressing appreciation, respect, and love for the man who raised you. Father’s Day should be about your father, so don’t waste time agonizing over the right gift. This year, give the man who gives you so much a basket full of gifts for him to enjoy.
Gift baskets are the perfect Father’s Day gift and maybe the least expected. Isn’t that what everyone searches for – something different for Father's Day? What does your dad enjoy? What are his hobbies? What is something he has never experienced before? There is a Father's Day gift basket to answer each of these questions. Whether he is a connoisseur of fine coffees or spends his time fishing – there is a basket for him. What about the man who likes to grill or the man who just appreciates a good laugh? No matter your father’s personality or preferences, there is a gift basket sure to make him smile.
And for those who will not have the opportunity to see their fathers on Father's Day, why not send him a gift basket? Who says only cards can be mailed for Father’s Day? What a surprise it will be to walk to the mailbox expecting bills, only to find an entire basket filled with his favorite things. Gift baskets provide an easy and meaningful way to let your dad know that you are thinking about him even when you cannot be with him.
A father loves his child regardless of whether or not he receives a gift on Father’s Day. A father will not be disappointed with a gift he receives from his child. Because this is true, it seems even more important to present him with a special Father's Day gift that he will appreciate and use.
So this Father’s Day give your dad a gift that he is not expecting, a gift that will make him smile, a gift that will show him your appreciation. Instead of another tie to add to his collection, another wallet or another coffee mug to set on the shelf, show your father that you put thought into this gift. Give him the gift that shows you know the person your father truly is and that you appreciate who he is. Give him a gift basket for Father’s Day.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Impress Your Dad With A Father's Day Gift Basket

 Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

Picking out just the right Father's Day gift for your Dad isn’t always an easy task. 

Maybe your dad is the strong silent type who doesn’t ever give any clues about what he wants for Father’s Day, or maybe he just insists that you don’t need to get him anything at all.

When you’re not sure what to buy, a gift basket for Father's Day can be an excellent option. 

Father's Day gift baskets allow you to present your dad with something that is both creatively arranged and filled with things that he loves. There are many benefits of sending a gift basket for dad through the mail versus giving a traditional gift, and here are just a few.

Personalization of Father's Day Gift Baskets

Father’s Day sport themed gift baskets come in a wide variety of themes, from fishing and hunting to horses. Rather than choosing a gift basket based on the design theme, you can also send dad a gourmet food basket based on the foods that he loves. Anything from coffee and wine to chocolates and drink mixes can be included in your Father’s Day gift delivery. This will make your dad feel special because it will be clear that you put thought and care into the gift you selected.

Convenience Gift Baskets

Spending hours searching the mall for the right gift takes time and energy, and may not even yield the ideal Father’s Day gift. When you send a Father’s Day gift basket, you can order online and choose the best delivery date in much less time than it would take to give a traditional gift. When life gets busy and you don’t know how you’ll fit in a trip to the store, gift baskets make it possible to provide a meaningful gift that doesn’t take a lot of time to choose.

Unique Gift Basket Presentation

Sending your dad a gift basket for Father’s Day will make your gift stand apart from the typical gift of a new tie or baseball cap. While he might appreciate these additions to his wardrobe, a special gift basket will be far more memorable. The gift is also something he can enjoy for at least several days, or maybe longer. When the gift basket is filled with his favorite foods and guy toys, he can go back to it each time he wants a snack or a drink, and he’ll think of you and your thoughtful gesture.

Father’s Day gifts are a great way to show your dad that you appreciate everything he means to your life. This year, instead of giving him a traditional gift, surprise him with a gift basket delivery.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Make it Personal: Why Your Mom Will Love a Mother's Day Gift Basket

What do you usually give your Mom on Mother's Day?

Flowers or candies might seem the obvious choice, but could you think of something more memorable to show the special lady in your life that you care? Even for the Mom who's 'got it all,' a Mother's Day gift basket is the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Why Choose a Mother's Day Gift Basket?

With the broad range of Mother's Day gift baskets available, you can give a gift that's totally personal to her. Choosing a gift basket that matches her interests is not only a lovely gift basket, it also lets her know that you really know her as a person; not just someone who darns socks looks after the Grandkids or is there on the other end of the phone when things go wrong. If your Mom is a foodie, then choose a gourmet Mother's Day gift basket, or if she's a keen gardener, then a gardening themed gift basket will be a perfect choice. You can also find pampering gift baskets, gardening gift baskets, and much more, just decide what your Mom would appreciate the most and then you're good to go!

Let's face it, we all get excited at the prospect of opening a gift basket and discovering what amazing goodies are inside, and your Mom is no different! It's something different to the usual Mother's Day gift ideas, and she'll love the thought that's gone into finding the ideal gift basket for her. As an added bonus, if you choose a Mother's Day gift basket that comes in a wicker hamper, she'll be able to use it afterward as a picnic basket or storage box, making it a practical present as well.

If you're still not sure about Mother's Day gift baskets, why not try it this year. If you're there when she opens it, you'll see for yourself just how much she appreciates it, and you'll have the perfect gift idea for every year!

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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Best Ways to Comfort Grieving Friends and Family Members

 Good things to say and do to comfort grieving friends and family members.

Sympathy Gift Baskets and Gifts
I love you.
Short, simple, profound. We can never say — or hear — it often enough.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
This is the heartbeat of sympathy: shared sorrow.

I'll be praying for you.

Here's something I really appreciated about your loved one.
If you have a brief story or memory to add to their collection, they'll be grateful to hear your words and will cherish them for years to come.

Show up. Be there. Visit.
At the viewing. At the funeral. At their door, if and when it's appropriate. Flowers are nice, but hugs are better.

Weep with those who weep {Romans 12:15}.
Not everyone has a ministry of tears, but if you do, bring tissues.

Save your questions and suggestions for another time. Concentrate on making eye contact and nodding.

Provide food.
Bring a meal. Do their grocery shopping. When they're ready, take them to a restaurant. People in mourning may forget to eat. Help them remember.

Keep in touch.
Send a sympathy card or note a month later, when their mailbox is empty.
 Click here to view Condolence Gift Ideas
Condolence Gift Baskets

Include them in your life.
Invite them over to watch a movie or play board games or bake cookies at your house. The less fuss, the better. Think family, not company.

The day will come when your friends will be ready to put aside their heartache and rejoin the land of the living. If you've walked that hard road with them, then you've lived out His truth: A friend loves at all times {Proverbs 17:17}.

Things not to say the next time you attend a funeral or send a sympathy card.

I know how you feel.
We have no idea how other people feel, especially when they're grieving. Even if you, too, have lost a loved one, resist the urge to mention it. Focus on their loss, not yours.

Everything happens for a reason.
This is absolutely true, but it's a reason the Lord alone knows. Don't go there. When the survivors are ready to see a bigger picture, He will show them.

It was his/her time.
Clearly so. No need to point it out.

At least you had ___ good years together.
A reminder of what they've lost does nothing to ease their pain.

You must be glad his/her suffering is over.
Maybe, but if they were praying for healing or recovery, this is not the outcome they were hoping for, and glad is the last thing they're feeling.

You're still young. You can remarry/have another child.
Most of us have never said this. But we might have thought it, and that's bad enough.

It's for the best.
For the deceased, maybe. But not for the people we're trying to comfort.

He/she is in a better place.
If the loved one was a child of God who stepped into the next world when he or she left this one, they assuredly are in a better place. But when we miss someone we love, we want them right here with us.

He/she looks so natural.
Compared to . . . ?

If there's anything I can do, just call.
This sounds caring and sincere, and no doubt is. But a grieving person often doesn't want to burden friends or ask for help. So, we need to call them, figure out what's needed, and make it happen.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Selfish Act Of Giving, by Laura Tucker

Traditional knowledge tells us the business of gift giving and receiving is built around the old adage,
"It's better to give than to receive." As a society of giving people we want to make an acknowledgment to the people in our life of what the relationship means to us, but the act isn't nearly as selfless as it seems. 

At first, thought giving a gift seems like a selfless act, but once you follow all the thoughts involved, it isn't really selfless after all. There is something you are hoping to gain from it, so it can't be completely selfless. You're doing it so that you will feel good about yourself. Seeing that look on the recipient's face, the immediate knowledge that they've been waiting for this gift or are genuinely surprised by it is what we're waiting for. This becomes a gift to ourselves. 

When I shop for a gift for someone, I try to find something that lets them know how I connect to them, a symbol of our relationship. This is something they can look back on and say, "Laura really knows me and appreciates the fact that we have this in common." Conversely, it's great to be on the other end and realize your friend or family member cares about you so much that they took the time to find this unique item that you both enjoy. It's a personalized gift that you know was bought just for you. 

Often it doesn't even have to be a material gift; an act can mean all the same things. A friend recently had told me no one understood what she wanted on her birthday. She was always cooking dinner for everyone else on their birthday and was hoping someone would finally do it for her. She told her family that's what she wanted most. Yet everyone totally misread what she was looking for and took her out to dinner. While she had a nice dinner and enjoyed their company, it wasn't what she was looking for. 

My friend was looking for someone to say I'm listening to what you want. She was looking for someone to put as much into a gift for her as she does for them. I wanted her to know that I was listening and that there was someone out there that truly understood her. I showed up on her doorstep the day of her birthday with a pan of mostaccioli, garlic bread, salad, salad dressing and a bottle of wine. She had told me eating my mostaccioli one time earlier that I could make it for her anytime. 

The joy on my friend's face was what I was looking and hoping for. She was excited, not that she didn't have to cook dinner for herself, but that someone was willing to make that effort for her. She was also now secure with the knowledge that there was someone out there that understood what she wanted and that truly listened. She told me later that she had told everyone she knew that I had done that for her. She wanted others to know that we were able to connect in that way. 

I try to do this for all the gifts I give on Christmas, but the process can sometimes be daunting. We get so busy at that time of the year and depending on how many people are on a gift list, finding a personalized gift for each person can be time-consuming. Usually some end up being very personalized, some just something I hope the person will enjoy. 

But there's always that one gift. There's always that one gift every year I just can't wait until it is opened. This is the one gift I have found that I know will show that I understand and listen. Seeing the look from the recipient of acknowledgment of our relationship and of what I put into finding that particular item is all I need to make the gift worth every penny and every moment that was put into it. 

Sure, I enjoy when the same is done for me. I enjoy knowing that someone understands and listens to me as well, but I don't get the same sense of accomplishment when the situation is in reverse. I don't get to pat myself on the back for a job well done. I don't get the validation. 

What it comes down to is I'm looking to please myself when I give a great gift. I'm looking to say I set out to do this and accomplished it. I set out to find the perfect gift to show someone I understand and care. It is not at all selfless. I did it for myself in the end run. It is better to give than to receive, and that is because when giving, we're still receiving.

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