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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Baskets, Romantic Gift Baskets For The People You Love!

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Gift Ideas for the Fishing Enthusiast on Your Gift List

Great Gifts For Those Who Love To Fish
Those who enjoy fishing would love to receive gifts of fishing equipment and gear for birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or any other gift-giving occasion or holiday. Our unique fishing gift baskets provide many options for those in search of gifts for the fishing enthusiast on their gift list. There are endless numbers of options available when shopping online for fishing gear and accessories, and fishing gifts are available in all price ranges to meet every budget and preference. Consider the following gift basket ideas for the fishing enthusiast on your list, and you will find the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Basic Equipment for Bank Fishing

There are people who like to fish but do not have access to a boat. This article addresses the equipment needs of people who fish from the bank either from necessity or by choice. This article is not targeted at the avid fly fisherman.

The hard core fly fisherman is in a different class from the average bank fisherman and requires specialized equipment. The target audience for this article is the average Joe (or Jane) who fishes for relaxation and perhaps a meal or two not to show off his fly-casting skills or the fancy equipment he can afford.

Primitive Fishing Tackle

The absolute minimum for the bank fisherman is some line, a hook and something to use for weight (a small pebble perhaps). A pole of some kind is helpful but not necessary. Hand-lining is the oldest form of fishing and dates back to prehistoric times. Fish can be caught on this basic setup. Hand-lining a larger-than-average catfish or carp can be a real challenge.

The basic hand line setup has a weight at the end of a line, a length of line sufficient to reach the areas where the fish are likely to be and at least one hook hanging off the main line. The weight allows the angler to throw the baited hook some distance into the river or lake. The best bait is something natural from the local environment. Cricket, worm, grasshopper or another insect will almost always get a response from some fish in the vicinity. The hook(s) should be small enough to be picked up by bluegill or other sunfish. Detecting a bite and hooking a fish [using a hand line] will require both luck and some practice. Multiple hooks on one line will increase the effectiveness of the rig, but too many hooks make casting or throwing out the line more difficult. This could be considered a survival setup where the object is to catch anything edible.

Adding a pole to the hand line rig makes hooking a fish easier. The larger travel distance as the pole is raised to set the hook moves the hook faster and with more force. It is possible to use a hand line to present the bait in the fishÌs vicinity and a pole to provide hooking leverage when a bite is detected. The fish can then be brought to the bank by hand. The pole can be any long slender branch found along the bank. It should have a flexible tip and some stiffer backbone. The length should be sufficient to provide enough travel as the hook is set. The slender tip provides a bite indicator while the strong backbone sets the hook.

Here is how it works. The weighted and baited hand line is thrown out into the water. The distance depends on the length of the line, the weight used, the presumed location of any fish in the area and the anglerÌs skill. The line is pulled back enough to remove any slack then secured to something on the bank. The line is wrapped once or twice around the tip of the pole, and the pole is propped up so that any bites will be indicated by the movement of the tip. When a fish bites, the pole is swung back sharply to hook the fish which is then brought to the bank by hand. Some refinements to the basic rig include multiple hooks on dropper lines from the main line or some floats to keep the bait off the bottom and to indicate bites. Anything that floats can be used.

The above-mentioned method is the simplest form of hook and line fishing. It requires patience, practice, and luck but can be a useful survival skill. For a real challenge, an angler can take only a couple of hooks and a length of line on his next fishing trip. It may be an amusing experience. Modern fishers are not restricted to the hand line method. Next, the use of more modern equipment is discussed.

Modern Tackle

Modern fishing tackle ranges from simple spin-casting rigs costing a few dollars up to custom built rods and high-tech reels priced in thousands of dollars. The bank fisherman will most likely be found using items nearer the lower end of this price spectrum. In the real world, the fish taking the bait doesnÌt know or care how much money the angler spent on equipment.

The basic bank fishing rig is a rod and reel of the anglerÌs choice. For best results, the combination should be matched to the targeted species and the anglerÌs skill level. Do not equip a beginner fisherperson with a complicated level-wind baitcasting reel. A single spin-casting reel is much better. A cane pole with a length of line equal to the length of the pole can deliver plenty of fun when the sunfish or bullheads are active.

The experienced fisherman will have the skills to use more sophisticated tackle. Level-wind baitcasting and spinning reels provide more casting distance and accuracy. This allows the angler to better place the bait where the fish are likely to be as opposed to just getting the bait in the water and depending on luck. Artificial baits make for a more interesting fishing experience and broaden the list of target species.

The location is important to the bank fisherman. A boat allows fishers to move around in search of fish while the bank fisherman is limited in his locations. The location is often chosen by the physical mobility of the fisherman. Many people are not able to walk a mile cross-country to find the best location they are limited to accessible piers and boat ramp areas. This can restrict the number of species available for the bank angler. Open water species such as striped bass or lake trout are rarely within reach of the land-based fishermen. The more common targeted species are catfish, carp, and sunfish.

The land-based angler can fish on days when wind and waves keep the boats at home. He can stop and fish for a few minutes on the way home from work, or he can spend a relaxing weekend enjoying the outdoors without worrying about fuel, wind or boating safety. Bank fishing can be a real option that allows more anglers the opportunity to catch a keeper or enjoy the outdoors. With some experience and some interaction with local fishers the success rate can be surprising. A meal of catfish or sunfish fillets can be a bonus on the experience.

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  • Friday, January 27, 2017

    The Teddy Bear's Comeback; Modern Day Teddy Bears

    Heartwarming Teddy Bears just can't be beat when it comes to cherished, loving gifts that last a lifetime. Everyone loves bears, the young and young at heart.

    The History of The Teddy Bear 

    Today we can hardly imagine the world without that eager listener, confidante, and loyal friend, the teddy bear. But the teddy bear has not always been with us. In fact, the teddy bear did not make its entrance until late in 1902. Then, in one of life's unexplainable synchronicities, the teddy bear appeared in the same year in two different parts of the world: Germany and the United States.

    The Early Years:

    In America, the teddy bear, according to tradition, got its start with a cartoon. The cartoon, drawn by Clifford Berryman and titled "Drawing the Line in Mississippi," showed President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a baby bear. According to this often told tale, Roosevelt had traveled to Mississippi to help settle a border dispute between that state and Louisiana, and his hosts, wanting to please this avid hunter, took him bear hunting. The hunting was so poor that someone finally captured a bear and invited Roosevelt to shoot. Roosevelt's refusal to fire at such a helpless target inspired Berryman to draw his cartoon with its play on the two ways Roosevelt was drawing a line--settling a border dispute and refusing to shoot a captive animal.

    The teddy bear cartoons appeared in a panel of cartoons drawn by Cliffored Berryman in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902. It caused an immediate sensation and was reprinted widely. Apparently, this cartoon even inspired Morris and Rose Michtom of Brooklyn, New York, to make a bear in honor of the president's actions. The Michtoms named their bear "Teddyís Bear" and placed it in the window of their candy and stationery store. Instead of looking fierce and standing on all four paws like previous toy bears, the Michtoms bear looked sweet, innocent, and upright, like the bear in Berryman's cartoon. Perhaps that's why "Teddyís Bear" made a hit with the buying public. In fact, the demand was so high that the Michtoms, with the help of a wholesale firm called Butler Brothers, founded the first teddy bear manufacturer in the United States, the Ideal Novelty, and Toy Company.

    Meanwhile, across the ocean in Germany, Richard Steiff was working for his aunt, Margarete Steiff, in her stuffed toy business. Richard, a former art student, often visited the Stuttgart Zoo to sketch animals, particularly the bear cubs. In 1902, the same year the Michtoms made "Teddy's Bear," the Steiff firm made a prototype of a toy bear based on Richard's designs.

    Though both the Michtoms and Steiff were working on bears at the same time, certainly neither knew, at a time of poor transatlantic communication, about the other's creation. Besides, the Michtoms' bear resembled the wide-eyed cub in the Berryman cartoon, while the Steiff bear, with its humped back and long snout, looked more like a real bear cub.

    A few months later, in March 1903, at the Leipzig Toy Fair, Steiff introduced its first bear--Baer 55PB. The European buyers showed little interest, but an American toy buyer, who was aware of the growing interest in "Teddy's bears" in the States, ordered 3000. In America, people were beginning to get teddy bear fever, and Steiff was in the right place at the right time.

    The Teddy Bear Craze:

    By 1906, the teddy bear craze was in full swing in the United States. The excitement probably compared to the frenzy for Cabbage Patch dolls in the 1980s and Beanie Babies in the 1990s. Society ladies carried their teddies everywhere, and children had their pictures taken with their teddy bears. President Roosevelt, after using a bear as a mascot in his re-election bid, was serving his second term. Seymour Eaton, an educator, and a newspaper columnist, was writing a series of children's books about the adventures of The Roosevelt Bears, and another American, composer J. K. Bratton, wrote "The Teddy Bear Two Step." That song would become, with the addition of words, "The Teddy Bear's Picnic."

    Meanwhile, American manufacturers were turning out bears in all colors and all kinds, from teddy bears on roller skates to teddy bears with electric eyes. "Teddy bear," without the apostrophe and the s, became the accepted term for this plush bruin, first appearing in print in the October 1906 issue of Playthings Magazine. Even Steiff, a German company, adopted the name for its bears.

    Steiff and Ideal were no longer the only players in the teddy bear business. In America, dozens of competitors sprang up. Almost all of these very early companies didn't last, with the notable exception of the Gund Manufacturing Corporation. Gund made its first bears in 1906 and is still making bears today.

    American teddy bear companies faced stiff competition from all the teddy bears imported from Germany, and many of the U.S. companies didn't last long. In Germany, toymaking was an old and established industry, and many German firms, such as Bing, Schuco, and Hermann, joined with Steiff in making fine teddy bears.

    In England, The J.K. Farnell & Co. got its start; in fact, the original Winnie the Pooh was a Farnell bear Christopher Robin Milne received as a first birthday present from his mother in 1921. Five years later, his father, A.A. Milne, would begin to publish the Winnie-the-Pooh books about his son Christopher's adventures with his bear and his other stuffed animals. Today you can see the original toys that inspired the Winnie-the-Pooh books on permanent display in the Central Children's Room of the Donnell Branch of the New York Public Library in New York City, while the Pooh books themselves are as popular as ever.

    More Great Years:

    With the exception of the four years when World War I raged in Europe, the next 25 years were kind to the teddy bear. Mass production had not yet taken over the teddy bear world, and people still preferred to buy high quality, hand-finished teddy bears.

    Because World War I interrupted the flow of teddy bears from Germany, new teddy bear industries developed outside Germany. Chad Valley, Chiltern, and Dean's joined Farnell in England; Pintel and Fadap were begun in France, and Joy Toys in Australia. The bears themselves changed, too. Boot-button eyes were replaced by glass, and excelsior stuffing was replaced by a softer alternative, kapok.

    The United States was relatively untouched by the war, and its teddy bear industry continued to grow. For example, the Knickerbocker Toy Company got its start in 1920 and continues to make teddy bears today. Nine years later, though, the U.S. was hit by the Depression, and most teddy bear companies were hurt by the financial crisis. After 1929, many American companies either found cheaper ways to produce bears, or they closed.

    In the 1920s and 30s, musical bears and mechanical bears were very popular, and they were produced all over the world. Perhaps the most noteworthy manufacturers of these novelty bears were Schuco and Bing. These two German companies made bears that walked, danced, played ball, and even turned somersaults.

    But the outbreak of World War II in 1939 stopped the fun. Instead of making teddy bears, the world's workers and factories were needed for the war effort. Some companies closed and never reopened. Made around 1929, the 9-inch mechanical duck by the German company of Bing was wound by a key.

    The Lean Years:

    While traditional teddy bear companies had always prided themselves on quality hand-finishing and had always used natural fibers to make their bears, all that changed after World War II. Fueled by a desire for washable toys, synthetic fibers were all the rage in the post-War years. Buyers liked the idea of washable toys, so bears were made from nylon or acrylic plush, and had plastic eyes and foam rubber stuffing.

    Traditional teddy bear companies could adapt to this change in materials. However, they were not prepared to compete against the flood of much cheaper; mass-produced teddy bears coming from eastern Asia. Even the old, well-established companies were hurt by the onslaught of inexpensive teddy bears from the Far East.

    The Teddy Bear's Comeback: The Present

    Strangely enough, the comeback of the teddy after years of mass-production was triggered, not by a bear maker, but by an actor. On television, British actor Peter Bull openly expressed his love for teddy bears and his belief in the teddy bear's importance in the emotional life of adults. After receiving 2000 letters in response to his public confession, Peter realized he wasn't alone. In 1969, inspired by this response, he wrote a book about his lifelong affection for teddy bears, Bear with Me, later called The Teddy Bear Book. His book struck an emotional chord in thousands who also believed in the importance of teddy bears. Without intending to, Bull created an ideal climate for the teddy bear's resurgence. The teddy bear began to regain its popularity, not so much as a children's toy, but as a collectible for adults.

    In 1974, Beverly Port, an American doll-maker who also loved making teddy bears, dared to take a teddy bear she made to a doll show. At the show, she presented Theodore B. Bear holding the hand of one of her dolls. The next year, Beverly presented a slide show she had created about teddy bears for the United Federation of Doll Clubs. That show quickly became a sensation. Other people, first in the United States and then all over the world, caught Beverly's affection for the teddy bear. They, too, began applying their talents to designing and making teddy bears. One by one, and by hand, teddy bear artistry was born with Beverly, who coined the term "teddy bear artist," often cited as the mother of teddy bear artistry. Today thousands of teddy bears artists, often working from their homes all over the world, create soft-sculpture teddy bear art for eager collectors.

    Artist Bears set the stage for a new kind of manufactured bear, the artist-designed manufactured bear. Today artist-designed manufactured bears are offered by Ganz, Gund, Dean's, Knickerbocker, Grisly Spielwaren, and others; all offer collectors the opportunity to own artist-designed bears that cost less due to mass production.

    This increased appreciation for the teddy bear as an adult collectible has also increased the value of antique teddy bears, the hand-finished, high-quality teddy bears manufactured in the first decades of the 20th century. In the 1970s and 1980s, these old, manufactured teddy bears began showing up in antique doll and toy auctions, and they began winning higher and higher bids. Today the current record price for one teddy bear, Teddy Girl by Steiff, is $176,000; that bear was sold at Christie's auction house in 1994.

    So what's next for the teddy bear?

    Certainly our love affair with the teddy bear shows no signs of abating. In 1999, in just the United States, collectors purchased $441 million worth of teddy bears. Certainly, as we begin our journey through a new century, we certainly need the teddy bear's gift of unconditional acceptance, love, and reassurance more than ever.

    --by Marianne Clay, Managing Editor, Teddy Bear and Friends

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    Tuesday, January 24, 2017

    Retiree Gift Tips And Pointers

    Help a Friend or Loved One Make the Transition by Sending A Unique Retirement Gift Basket by Adorable Gift Baskets.

    Retirement can be a joyful time, but also a very emotional time for someone who has worked most of their life. It's a time of transition as they close one chapter of their life and welcome a new beginning. Most retirees dream of the days ahead when there will be no daily rush, no fights in traffic, no pick-me-up morning coffee breaks to stay awake, and no clock-ins at work. With retirement gift baskets by Adorable Gift Baskets, you can help your friend, co-worker, or employee makes the transition to retirement with a smile.

    By sending a beautiful gift basket for retirement, you can help them celebrate this incredible milestone in their life. At Adorable Gift Baskets, you'll find retirement gift baskets of all shapes, sizes, and styles. From luscious gourmet food gift baskets to balloon and flower arrangements, there's something for everyone. If your recipient is on a medically-restricted diet, try one of our colorful fruit baskets or a basket with sugar-free goodies for someone with diabetes.

    For the retiree who loves sweets, you can surprise them with a delicious chocolate basket filled with chocolate candies, chocolate-covered peanuts or raisins, chocolate bars, truffles, bonbons, etc. Or dazzle them with an Italian specialty basket or a coffee and tea basket. There are also flavorsome cookie baskets if you'd like to keep your gift simple!

    When buying a gift basket for a retiree, consider their favorite hobby. How do they plan to spend their free time after retirement? At Adorable Gift Baskets, you can browse themed retirement gift baskets that are perfect for gardeners, sports fans, golfers, readers, movie lovers, home decorators, etc.

    A retirement gift basket from Adorable Gift Baskets will add a sense of thanks and congratulations at their office retirement party. If you're an employer, you can show your appreciation for years of hard work by giving each retiree a retirement gift basket. Our retiree gratitude baskets contain a variety of goodies including cookies, tea cakes, pretzels, cheese spreads, coconut rings, chocolates, tea, cocoa, popcorn, and other fine treats.

    Appetizing retirement gift baskets can be delivered to your friend's home or office. These gifts provide an affordable way to celebrate any retiree's final days with a company.

    Retirement is a pivotal moment in anyoneÌs life. Quite often, farewell retirement parties are thrown, and gifts are given. Just as often, the gift givers struggle with the concept of what to give. How does one decide what can be given as a meaningful, useful, and desirable gift? Although this may appear to be a daunting task, a bit of simple planning and clever investigative research is all that is necessary. Money seems so cold and impersonal.
    Specialty food baskets, gifts baskets filled with fresh fruit, a gift box of chocolates, fresh flowers and executive theme gift towers are, without a doubt, all time favorites gifts for the retiree.

    Retiree Gift Tips And Pointers

    If you know the person well, then you already know what it is that they are planning to do with all of this free time. This is one of the first steps to planning the perfect retirement gift.

  • Find out the short-term goals of the person who is retiring, either through conversation with them or with their close friends or relatives.
  • Find out the long-term goals the individual has through the same methods as above.
  • Discover what hobbies the person has, whether these are new hobbies, and how serious the hobby is.
  • Find out what his favorite foods, snacks, and restaurants are
  • Ferret out his cultural heritage.
  • Learn where his or her early roots are, where he or she grew up, and where the places he or she visited are.
  • Plan the gift accordingly.

  • Retirement Themed Gift Ideas

  • Gifts for the Sports fan, buy sports gift baskets, unique, all star sports gifts, golf, fishing, baseball, basketball, collegiate, hockey, football baskets and gifts. Perhaps a duffle bag or backpack.
  • Gifts or the Fisherman, a fishing theme gift basket is perfect. Or, buy a deluxe tackle box, a few books and DVDs on fishing, and a few other assorted fishing related items.
  • Gifs for the Golfer, purchase a golf gift basket filled with golfing gifts and golfer's theme gifts designed for those who love to play golf.
  • For the deep sea fisherman, purchase a few tickets for excursions throughout the season.
  • For the new part-time career, purchase items that will come in handy on the new job.
  • For the Grandparent, invest in a few photograph albums and journals. Buy a few tickets or even a membership to a kidÌs museum or all day park.
  • Gifts for the Gardener, select a colorful array of new gardening supplies, books, and plants. Every gardener can use replacement tools after years of use.
  • For the person who is going to relocate, phone cards and stationary are excellent ways to keep in touch after relocating to a new area.
  • For the computer wizard, gift certificates to local computer stores are an excellent choice.
  • For a cultural gift, books on the cultural heritage, videos, music CDs, and paintings are nice touches for a thoughtful gift.

  • If you are unable to gather enough information to make a themed choice, purchase a large basket and fill it with a variety of items: the newest best seller, movie theater tickets and a box of candy, sporting event passes, gift cards to unique stores, and a few gourmet food items. These not only look terrific but also, something in the basket is sure to make a hit with the person.
    No time to put together a gift basket for your favorite retiree? No problem! Adorable Gift Baskets offers a huge selection of extraordinary retirement gifts, gift baskets and gift ideas for retirees.

    Sunday, January 22, 2017

    Buy Amazon Gift Cards in Any Amount

    Send Amazon Gift Cards by email, print-at-home, or mail with free shipping. Shop hundreds of gift cards from Starbucks, Nordstrom, GameStop, Whole Foods, Sephora, and more.

    Wednesday, January 18, 2017

    Want to express your love to your Valentine, but find yourself tongue-tied? Say It With A Valentine's Day Gift Basket

    Want to express your love to your Valentine, but find yourself tongue-tied?

    Valentin's Day Gift Baskets
    Are you searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone?  You can send Valentine's Day gifts to that special someone in your life, your mother, and father, grandparents, brothers and sisters, children, grandchildren, friends and business associates. Valentine's Day is the perfect day to show how much you care. Valentine's Day gift baskets from Adorable Gift Baskets will always be the perfect Valentine surprise.


    Valentine day is a very special day in a person’s life that has fallen in love. It is the day of love expressing all your feelings for someone special.  Tips for Writing the Perfect Valentine read more

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    Saturday, January 14, 2017

    Find Unforgettable Gift Baskets Online at Adorable Gift Baskets

    Finding the perfect gift for those special people in your life can be a time-consuming process if you don't know where to start. Forget spending hours at the stores. Instead, make it easy on yourself as you find a gift that is an ideal fit for your recipient by choosing an unforgettable gift basket at Adorable Gift Baskets.

    No matter what the occasion, you will always find manly gift baskets for men, to fit the lifestyle and taste of every special man in your life,  beautiful gift baskets for women, and even adorable creative gift baskets for kids to mark all sorts of milestones and occasions. Click here to buy gift baskets online!

    Gift Basket Ideas for All Occasions

    Gift Baskets Are The Perfect Gift Choice in Presents

    Gift baskets make excellent gifts for people you know and love as well as those you've just met or new friends you barely know. 

    The exciting contents of a gift basket will delight gift recipients of all ages, from brand new infants to beloved grandparents. 

    Whatever your occasion and no matter who your recipient happens to be, gift baskets are always a great idea. From a birthday to a new baby, a happy housewarming to long-awaited retirement, all of life's special occasions are worth celebrating.

    Weddings and graduations mark the close of one chapter and the beginning of the next. Even hostess gifts ensure those special friends and family members are never forgotten. Delight your friends and loved ones with a meaningful gift basket that lets them know just how much you care. 

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    Wednesday, January 04, 2017

    Send Thoughtful Gift Baskets to Anyone, Anywhere

    When it comes to unique gift baskets, all occasions are suitable for sending a thoughtful gift basket.

    Choose from adorable new baby gift baskets, complete with cuddly stuffed animals, books, toys, and plenty of accessories bedecked in pink or blue.

    You can also celebrate new moms with gift baskets designed to pamper, brimming with spa goodies, gourmet snacks, and more.

    Get well gift baskets, and sympathy gifts let a special person know you are thinking of them while they are going through tough times and thank you gift baskets extend a courteous expression of gratitude.

    You can find a beautiful gift basket for any occasion and any person in your life at Adorable Gift Baskets. Whatever your event and no matter who your recipient happens to be, gift baskets are always a great gift idea.

    Delight your loved ones with a meaningful present that lets them know just how much you care.  Click here to shop for a gift basket now.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016

    Capture the Magic With Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

    Gift baskets create a uniquely magical gift-giving experience, making the recipient feel truly celebrated. The almost infinite variety of available designs makes gift baskets the perfect way to express the giver's regard while making any occasion a memorable one. Find stunning gift baskets for every occasion — all creatively designed to capture that magical moment.

    Bereavement Gifts

    Beautiful bereavement gift baskets are a thoughtful way to comfort and nourish the broken-hearted. Find bereavement gift ideas to show support to the grieving during their time of loss.


    Send elegant gift baskets professionally designed, filled with premium Champagne and delicious gourmet food for your next occasion or holiday. Champagne gift baskets are perfect for celebrating or rewarding.

    Chocolate / Sweet

    Satisfy their sweet tooth with our premium chocolate gifts & delicious gift baskets. Find delicious chocolate gift baskets, gourmet chocolates gifts and gourmet gifts for the chocolate lovers on your gift list.

    gift-tower-gift.jpg Gifts  10% Off

    Send one-of-a-kind gift towers, stacked high, filled with gourmet food, chocolates, cookies, candy and delicious snacks ready to ship today. Generously filled with premium treats, our famous gift towers always rise to the occasion.

    Enchanted-Cottage.jpgLast Minute Gifts

    Same day gifts that can be delivered within 24 hours or less, Monday through Saturday. Select from gifts of fruit, gourmet food, chocolates, fresh flowers & plants, balloons plus a large selection of wine and champagne gifts. Perfect last minute gifts to send.

    Wine Gifts

    Send a wine basket that will knock their socks off. Cheese and wine, fruit and wine, delicious gourmet food and wine gifts ready for delivery. Offering an extensive collection of wine baskets for all occasions and budgets.

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    Thursday, December 08, 2016

    #1 Best Holiday Fruit Basket

    Christmas Fruit and Sweets Basket

    A delicious assortment of fresh seasonal fruit and hand-made Christmas Treats. Two varieties each of crisp apples and juicy citrus; three varieties of pears. Decadent chocolate drizzled caramel corn and handmade layered peppermint bark. Hand dipped chocolate covered Oreos and milk chocolate foil wrapped stars. Sweet and mildly spiced Gingerbread cookie bites and holiday Jordan almonds. Packed in a wicker basket and tied with a bow for a festive presentation.


    • 1 Braeburn Apple
    • 1 Bosc Pear
    • 1 Red Pear
    • 2 Comice Pears
    • 1 Granny Smith Apple
    • 3 Mandarins
    • 1 Navel Orange
    • Chocolates Midnight Dream Caramel Corn (3oz)
    • Gingerbread Cookie Bites (3oz)
    • Christmas Jordan Almonds (3oz)
    • Chocolates Layered Peppermint Bark (3oz)
    • White Chocolate Dipped Oreo with Red Drizzle (1pc)
    • Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreo with Holly & Berry Quins (1pc)
    • Red Foil Milk Chocolate Stars (4pc)

    Gift Baskets Delivered Pin It

    Christmas Cookie Party, Cookies for Everyone Including Santa

    Mrs. Claus Christmas Cookie Basket

    The joys of the Christmas Season and the delight of munching on sweet tasting Christmas cookies are two of the best things about the approaching winter season. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a wide variety of cookies to enjoy is to host a Christmas Cookie Party at your home. Plus, you can acquire a number of new recipes to try out on your own.

    At a Christmas Cookie Party, everyone who is invited prepares a batch or two of their favorite type of Christmas cookies. Once all of the baking is finished, everyone exchanges a dozen cookies with everyone else in the group. If there are six guests plus the hostess, then each participant receives seven dozen cookies for each round of cookie batches.

    Cookie Gifts
    Plan your event well in advance so that you secure the presence of as many guests as possible for cookie making. The party invitations can be as simple or as elegant as you like.

    Try to keep in tone with the theme of the event as a visual reminder for those who place their invitation on the kitchen refrigerator or bulletin board. Cards shaped like gingerbread men or candy canes are great themes to use that easily remind your friends and coworkers about the purpose of the gathering.

    Only invite as many guests as you think that your kitchen can accommodate during a massive baking session. If you have a separate dining area with a table in it, this provides additional space, which means additional guests can be included. Plus, if the first Christmas Cookie Party goes well, you can always host another one.

    Alternatively, you can invite guests in shifts and plan your party for an entire day and evening. In this scenario, your guests will only be able to take home some of the different varieties of Christmas cookies, whereas you will have the opportunity to exchange yours for some of each type.

    Be very specific with the instructions that you include in each invitation. If you want each guest to bring all of her ingredients, baking paraphernalia, and packaging items, state that clearly. If you prefer to provide everything by yourself, you can state that as well. In most cases, it is best to have everyone bring their own ingredients since a wide variety might be used.

    Additionally, it is a good idea to inform your guests that people might wish to share the recipes along with the cookies. This allows your guests the opportunity to avoid divulging family trade secrets for cookies by bringing a different recipe.

    Be careful to include a statement that indicates any allergies to food items that other guests might have such as peanut allergies. Also, provide a time frame for your Christmas Cookie Party so that everyone knows when the fun is going to end.

    Planning a Christmas Cookie Party is a terrific idea during the holiday season. It can be an excellent way to prepare cookies for the office party, the neighborhood gathering, or for the local food pantry. Whatever your motivation for planning a Christmas Cookie Party, the end result is going to be the same- lots of fun and lots of delicious cookies!

    Friday, December 02, 2016

    Christmas Gift Basket Best Sellers
    Gift Baskets are among the most cherished holiday gifts.  Christmas food baskets, holiday fruit baskets, and Christmas gifts for everyone on your gift list. Order online today and have your Christmas gift baskets delivered straight to your door. Save time and money, skip the lines. Shop our affordable holiday baskets for Christmas delivery. Get your Christmas holiday gift baskets online today.  Shop Now - Ship Later!

    Thursday, December 01, 2016

    10 Good Reasons to Send Gift Baskets This Holiday Season

    A Christmas Gift Basket Delivery Makes The Perfect Holiday Gift

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    Saturday, November 26, 2016

    Remember the True Meaning of Christmas Gifts

    The origins of Christmas gifts stem far back into time.  The ancient Romans celebrated a season of festivities to honor their deity and raise the spirits of the people.  The people gathered together and created traditions amongst their families.  Gifts were given from the elite to honor citizens and soon the tradition spread.  Gifts were soon given generously amongst the people to express love and appreciation.  It was a time of joy and merriment. 

    Throughout time we see the pattern of giving repeated through cultures.  Tales are sprinkled throughout history that tell of a man with secretive helpers who delivered gifts to the children to bring them joy and happiness.  The children would merrily set out shoes or stockings for their treats to appear in overnight.  The generosity of the mysterious man was reflected in the people.  Homemade sweets and handcrafted items were given amongst family and friends during the holiday season.  

    The Bible tells of the three wise men that came to see the Christ upon his birth.  They each brought a gift to honor him.   It became a tradition amongst his followers to give gifts to one another to celebrate his birth each year.  The season became named for Jesus Christ, yet traditions throughout many religions and cultures have been intertwined to create the modern holiday. 

    Today Christmas is celebrated throughout the nation.  It is a holiday that warms the hearts and homes of millions.  Families today have created their own traditions just as people did in the ancient times.  Christmas is a time to celebrate and appreciate the people dearest to you.  Christmas gifts are a means by which we express this love and appreciation.  However, it seems that in recent decades giving has turned the season of joy into a taxing occasion.

    The giving of Christmas gifts has become obligatory and stressful.  Long lines, sold-out items, and expensive electronics have caused many to forget the true meaning of giving on this holiday.  Christmas is about love, family, and merriment rather than stress and anxiety.  Christmas gifts are an altruistic way to express love and appreciation. 

    Adorable Gift Baskets offers a huge selection of beautiful Christmas gift basket ideas that are stress-free and will allow you to find joy, rather than stress, in the holiday.  Christmas gift baskets are an excellent Christmas gift idea for everyone on your gift list.  Our gift baskets come in a variety of themes and price ranges to fit every budget. 

    Buy Christmas Gift Baskets online and enjoy a worry-free, gift-giving experience, and you can be sure the receiver will be ecstatic about their Christmas gift. This Christmas, find little ways to keep the actual meaning of gift giving in mind and celebrate this ancient tradition in a manner that is free of anxiety.   Rejoice in the family, friends, and the traditions you share.